James’ Top Miniatures From AROUND THE GLOBE!!!!11 – This Week: Forces of the Inquisition

Good day to you fine fellow! I say fine fellow, because let’s face it, if you’re on a war gaming site you are most likely a male. You will be like me I imagine: bored, at work, watching the clock tick ever closer to freedom. Well lift heart brother, for I am about to give you a feast! Your spirit will soar as you lay eyes upon some of the finest creations wrought by the hands of mere mortal man!

In common parlance- I am about to show you some of my favourite models. I don’t know who they belong to as they have been collected from all across the World Wide Web and over a number of years. Apologies to any one who I’ve featured and not accredited. If you recognise any of the miniatures, pop a comment on the post and illuminate us all!

This week’s post will focus on Inquisitors and their retinues. Sit back and enjoy heretic. Next week- who knows!

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