Iron Warriors Challenge Update

It feels very much like I have mostly been making bases, (which I’ll be producing a little ‘how to’ for you later on) for my Iron Warriors as that is mostly all I have to show for my efforts. Here’s a couple of examples of what I’ve been making.


I’m quite pleased with how these are coming out, though I’m not sure it wouldn’t just have been cheaper to but some resin ones!

Aside from base moulding, I managed to make some vehicular progress as well. I’ve completed the construction of my mobile artillery elements, so I now have two Rapier destroyer arrays constructed, I love these bad-boys and I think they look really scary, though they have had mixed success when I’ve used them. When they hit, they absolutely wreck armour, but with only one shot each hits can be touch and go even with the twin-link re-roll. I’ve had it happen several times when I’ve rolled double ones at a critical moment and been all “Hey, don’t worry about it, twin-linked baby!” only to roll two misses again! The dice gods mocketh!

10th Rapier Battery 19th Grand Company

I’ve got two quad mortars done, for which I am using 40k Thunderfire cannons that I picked up cheep on a trading page. They took a fare bit of work as they were not in a great state but I think they look the jazz, and having tested them out in-game I’m really pleased with their performance. They actually out-perform the Rapiers by quite a margin, (don’t mention that to the Rapiers though as they’re very sensitive about it!) as I originally included them thinking that they were only barrage weapons and I wanted to use them as part of my long range anti-infantry strategy, however I discovered later that they have two firing modes, one of which is a direct firing anti-armour mode, which gives them really good utility.

16th Mobile Artillery Battery 19th Grand Company

Finally, the big-boy, the beast, the Medusa siege tank. Man I love this thing, it makes grown men cry and women moist! Okay, maybe it doesn’t do that, but it certainly gives me a semi. I’ve yet to try it out with the proper anti-armour shells, which on paper look better than Phosphex with St10 and AP2, but I just love Phosphex so much, with the image of creeping green seemingly sentient burning mist turning everything it touches into a tainted waste ground… Whereas the standard Medusa shell just explodes… Comparatively dull, I’m sure you’ll agree.

3rd Artillery Tank Squadron 19th Grand Company

The overarching theme of this article I realise is that I love artillery, it just gives me a smushy warm feeling in my big sexy tummy, that I want to share with all of you, dear readers.


So that’s what I’ve been working on this week, I still need to make some crew for my artillery, but I think next I’ll be making some more Tactical marines and hopefully get the Deredaoooooooo finished. But that’s all from me for now. I’ll let you get back to your videos of cats and status updates about your dinner.

Great bug hugs,

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