A Tale: Robin’s Iron Warrior Update


Hello again my hobby brothers and sisters. I thought I’d share some musings relating to my choice of force for the PWD 2k painting challenge that is currently taking over life here at Warbastards HQ. I’ve played Iron Warriors from nearly the beginning of my journey into Forge World’s Heresy era gaming bonanza, apart from a brief dalliance with the first legion when I first started playing, (but we don’t talk about that) I love the pragmatism of Perturabo and his sons, but I never really liked the dull morose siege drone image, monotonically chanting “itonwithinironwithoutironwithinironwithout” as they stoically advance into the enemies’ guns. For me, the true appeal of the legion, was the image of a bunch of frustrated soldiers, venting their pent up rage on the enemy once the Siege Breakers have finally smashed a hole in the wall. Their roars of “IRON WITHOUT!!!” becoming the response to the rallying cries of their leaders, “Forwards you Dogs, into the breach! IRON WITHIN!”

This is what I wanted to capture in my force from the start, I wanted it to represent a force from one of their Grand Companies comprising of hardened ki11er5, whose job was to rush the breach with nothing but Bolter and blade, savage fighters who could go toe-to-toe with any World Eater, Space Wolf or Blood Angel and come out the other side bloody but victorious. So straight away I knew I wanted to avoid the stereotypical Breacher squad and instead have a bulk of Tactical Marines tooled up with extra equipment, close combat weapons ect, that I would advance on the foe laying down bolter fire until they could close and satisfy their lust for violence up close. Secondly I knew I wanted to have at least one Medusa Siege-mortar, because Phosphex… Other than that, I wanted to pack in a good amount of heavy weaponry represent the Siege Breakers minions and some barrage weapons as I love the idea of the troops in the field calling in bombardments from the rear lines.

I juggled a few lists and tried out different combinations until I finally came upon the below combination which I felt offered a little of everything I wanted in a force. I originally didn’t want to field any Terminators, as it’s not really the side of the IV Legion that I love, but as this is a painting challenge, I decided that making and painting an additional squad of Tactical Marines didn’t look as appealing as it did in my original thoughts!

So here it is.

The List


  • Erasmus Golg: Captain of the 11th Grand Company
  • Bicrant Goire: Lieutenant of the 19th Grand Company (Master of Signals)
  • Colwyn Maylarch: Logistics Officer 79th Grand Company (Siege Breaker with Phosphex bombs and a Power maul)


  • 1st Squad 11th Grand Company (Legion Cattafractii squad (5), Sgt with Powerfist, Squad with Heavy Flamer & Chainfist)
  • 5th Squad 79th Grand Company (Legion Tactical squad (15), Sgt with Powe Axe, Melta bombs & Artificer Armour, Squad with additional CCW & Nuncio vox)
  • 7th Squad 79th Grand Company (Legion Tactical squad (15), Sgt with Powe Axe, Melta bombs & Artificer Armour, Squad with additional CCW & Nuncio vox)


  • 2 Apothecaries
  • 10th Rapier Battery 19th Grand Company (2 Laser Destroyer Arrays)
  • 16th Rapier Battery 19th Grand Company (2 Quad Mortars)

Heavy Support:

  • 1st Squad 19th Grand Company (Legion Devastator squad (5) with missile launchers)
  • 3rd Legion Artiliry Tank Squadron 19th Grand Company (Medusa Siege tank with Phosphex rounds & Shrapnel bolts)
  • “Grandfather Titus” (Deredeo Pattern Dreadnaught with Aiolos Missile Launcher)

That’s 2,000pts on the nose, and I’m pretty happy with it so far. Anyway, that’s all from me for the moment, I hope you’re enjoying the coverage of our challenge so far, if you are, why not drop us a comment below.



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