Iron Hands – The Last Tactical Squad of 3000pts

Apologies for the lack of updates recently, until this morning we were experiencing some server issues that were preventing us from uploading any new content. However this all seems to be resolved now.

I’m pretty stoked to have finished the last tactical squad in my 3k list, all that remains now is the assault squad…. Well and all the Heresy era bits I’ve picked up. My plan for the heresy force is to utilise units that where possible can be used to bolster my 40k army up to 4000pts. So far this includes 2 10 man Tactical squads, another contemptor, more terminators and the new Tech Marine looking chap pictured below – who will become a standin for Vaylund Kal in bigger games. At least as soon as I am happy with his pose.

I’ve not forgotten the Iron Hands Painting Guide, which should be online this week unless something else untoward happens.

Anyway, people who follow my blog on Warseer will have seen these pictures already but for those who havent:


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