Iron Hands: The Army Grows Again

So after finishing up my Bloodbowl team for our current league I am now back to my previous projects (alongside getting some Battlefleet Gothic Chaos ships – but more on that later!) my Chaos armies and probably my longest running project – my Iron Hands. I’ve shown the progress with the Iron Hand army numerous time on this blog, as well as including an Iron Hands painting guide.

My first try

So I had 3000pts of Iron Hands complete, then I began on some heresy elements to add to the army. The plan here was to add these to the existing units – which already feature heresy era armour pretty heavily – and build a force to use with forge world’s heresy rules.

Flavour Characters

In addition to these heresy era forces I wanted to add a few ‘flavour’ characters so that when the forces are deployed together (heresy and regular) I have what is essentially a full clan company.

One of these characters is Vaylund Kal, the Sons of Medusa Iron Thane from the Badab War books. Since seeing his entry I was sure this was a good fit for the Iron Hands, he really embodies what I think of when I picture an Iron Father. Plus he also give some benefits to a Devastator squad – which I am unsure if I will take advantage of yet.

I took a stab at making a version of him, you may have seen him with the updates I’ve posted here and on both Warseer and the B&C. While I quite liked the model he just didn’t feel right to me, so this weekend I took another run at him.

I always wanted him to be holding his thunder hammer across his chest. and with the release of the new space marine assault captain I saw an opportunity.

Iron Father

WIP Counts As Vaylund Kal

I took the legs and the arms from the new captain, and combined it with the torso and hammer from the previous model and so far I am really liking the outcome. He is still a little WIP I want to add some more ‘tech’ elements like the piping on his leg, and maybe some around/into his head, but over all he is mostly there.

Still to do is adding on the Clan and Chapter markings, which will probably be more brass etch, although one of the two maybe a transfer to add a little more white to the model.

Heresy Forces

For my Heresy element I am planning to include the following:

  • 6 Contemptors (3 Mortis, 3 Regular)
  • Cataphractii Bodyguard for my Praetor (Hopefully these will be ‘Gorgon/Morlock’ terminators if they get their own models or just regular Cataphractii if not)
  • Mechanicus Allies
  • I am looking at a few other bits like Jetbikes and marines with boarding shields – but I’m not sure on these yet.

So here is some of the progress on my Heresy force as it stands:

Iron Hand Terminator Captain

Iron Hand Terminator Praetor

Contemptor Mortis

Contemptor Mortis

The Ancient Technology of MAGNETS

The Ancient Technology of MAGNETS

And now for something completely different...

And now for something completely different…


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  • Tom

    Very cool, dude. How on earth did you get such an eclectic mix of Contemptor parts? I think I count ones from 3 different kits!

    • The EC grieve was a bit of an oddity, when I ordered my dread there was one in the bag. A mystery! The head was just traded with a DG player.

  • Steve

    Just wondering on your views about weathering/battle damage/ageing on Iron Hands equipment/vehicles. As close ‘friends’ of the Ad Mech, I was wondering if they’d see it as a sacrilege to let machinery get dirty/damaged etc without attempting to repair it. I’m just about finished my IH army and the debate is whether to keep it looking like they just got the suits and tanks delivered from a forge world, or go hell for leather and “scruff” them all up! Dilemma!

    • I had this very same conversation with myself. I eventually decided to go with the battle damage as you can see. My reasoning being while the Iron Hands venerate technology/the machine they are also, at their hearts pragmatists and also have a very ‘whatever gets the job done’ mentality. Often in the fluff they’ll sacrifice units (albeit allied guard etc) in order to get an objective and I figured this would translate to their armour to an extent – cosmetics aren’t important, function is. So until that bullet hole starts interfering with the function of their armour I think the ding/scratch/hole would be a secondary concern.

      Of course in between battles I imagine everything would be repaired to ‘as new’ condition but on a protracted campaign? No they’d be more concerned with smashing the next enemy objective.

      Be interested to see your army when it’s done!