Iron Hands – Progress!

Just a quick one today. Myself and the other Warbastards (well most of us) are busy preparing for a busy weekend of wargaming. We’re heading up to see some old gaming buddies to play some 40k on their pimp table before heading onto the Forgeworld Open Day.

The table we’re playing on has built in lighting and I am hoping to get some good shots of my Iron Hands ‘in action’. In the meantime however, you’ll have to make do with these pictures. These are my final 9 tactical marines who will counts-as Grey Hunters in game when accompanied by a Terminator┬áSergeant. Also shown are my Assault Squad and my newest Captain – I finally caved and used Korvidae’s head on him too!.

I say these are the last of my Iron Hands… I have ┬áplaced an order for some pre-heresy marines and another Contemptor. These coupled with the Thalanx will form a small pre-heresy force…


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