Iron Hands: More Pictures

Following on from the previous post, here are a few more pictures of the army as it stands. As you can see we’re still working out some kinks with our photography setup, but it’s certainly coming along.

Included in the pictures are the Librarian, Master of the Forge and a Tactical Squad. Click for embiggened pictures.


By day a mild mannered Web Designer from Swindon, by night a horder and shaper of bits in his mad kit bash laboratory.

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  • Jacob Bjerre Johansen

    hey martin! first of all i really want to say that your minis af fantastic! i love kitbashing and converting myself but ive been watching your Iron hands for a while now.. and after reading Wrath of iron ive decided to make my own IH force.. all i want to know is how the hell did you make that librarian ? bits and so on? it looks fantastic! the whole lot of does as a fact!…

    Onlooker in awe-


    • Thanks very much!
      Right, lets see if I can remember…

      Body is a Techmarine, with modified left leg. Basically I chopped off his normal leg and added a new one made from a plastic tactical leg, then sculpted the ‘cog’ style armour.
      Head is from the Iron Warriors Conversion Kit.
      One arm is from Severin Loth the Red Scorpion Librarian from ForgeWorld
      The other arm is from the Dark Vengeance Librarian.
      The Sword is from MaxMini.
      Backback is Forgeworld Mark III.

      Think thats about the total of it, anything I missed?

  • Hey Martin,

    Gotta say, I am in love with that Terminator Captain! (Logan count-as?) The skin is also spot on, and I think you have done a fantastic job with these guys.


    • Thanks a lot. He was a Logan counts as, but has since been retired in favour of a more vanilla captain you can see in the other posts.