Iron Hands: An Ongoing Labour Of Love

Me and the Iron Hands go way back, we’ve been bros since third edition. I’ve been making this army since then easily; collecting bits from various independent manufacturers and trying to figure out how I want the army to work on the table.


My Iron Hands

Eventually, spurred on by an uncharacteristic wave of productivity in my gaming group, we all decided to get on and finish ‘at least one damn army’.

This isn’t the first time I’ve painted my Iron Hands. I think in fact this might be the third. Before just as I was nearing completion I would find another bit or have another idea, which would see me strip my models and restart. As I say above, another thing that delayed my finishing was finding a way to play the army that felt like the old 3rd Edition Index Astartes days. When the Codex Space Wolves came out I thought I had found the answer, but it wasn’t until the new edition’s ally rules hit I was truly happy. Now I run the army as a Vanilla Space Marine list, but with allied Logan Grimnar and Wolfguard to allow for Terminator Sergeants.

Now they’re almost done, in fact they for a time they WERE done. I’ve since added another 500 points. This 500 points will be what will feature here, I’ve completed the couple of additional Sternguard, and the Contemptor you can see, leaving me with a ten man Assault Squad to finally bring my Iron Hands to their long awaited completion.

I’ll follow this post in the next week or so with a guide of my exact, step-by-step process – bare black undercoat to finished Iron Hand. We just need to sort out a few niggles with our photography set up, in the meantime… here are a few teasers:

Iron Hands

Iron Hands Contemptor before paint

Iron Hands Assault Marines

Iron Hands Assault Marines


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