Inquisitor28 – A force divided – Frayne

Well, things had escalated quickly. Quinn was scrabbling away on her knees to my right, while her fething hound tore open the Arbitrator’s face. Fair play to the little bitch, she was tougher than she looked and hadn’t been shocked out. Armitage smelt and looked like he’d shat himself in his mouth, clutching the arm Red had ripped open while Tenebaum pointed his fancy piece at me like the stuck-up ass he was. Frakk knows where Lockharte was but Armitage wasn’t normal – you don’t spend years as an agent with no soul and not learn to spot the signs of corruption. If Tenenbaum couldn’t see that, too bad – like all Inquisitors he was probably too far up his own arse.

My Jackal barked, the round going wide of Armitage as he twitched in a spasmodic fit. Tenebaum loosed his own piece, the round plucking at the flesh of my left arm. He looked disappointed for some reason, like he was expecting more. That look didn’t last as my reply caught him between the legs, dropping him quicker than a dock-side whores drawers on wharf-side payday. The high scream he loosed was sweet music.

Another round caught my leg, Armitage finally able to grab his own piece, some cute little hiver stubber thing. Now I was pissed, Jackal ready to put an end to this, Quinn screaming at me to kill him and the high crack of Mortlock’s lasrifle sounding out behind me somewhere. My earbead pipped, Lockharte asking for details, urgency in his voice. I ripped the thing out – frakk this and frakk the Ordos. Armitage was shaking again, more of that purple shit spewing from his mouth. I grabbed Quinn by her arm and hauled her up

‘Orders from Locke – we run, now.’

She was confused, but hurt and scared. Great with a cogitator, shit when the lead started singing. Easy to convince her to go, back out the doors. She jacked in again, fingers moving in a blur to close the door. As it swung shut, I saw Mortlock down, that church headsman stood over him. Lockharte was further back, hemmed in by the priest and the Malleus gunman. He shattered the old frakks arm with close range bolter fire and caught my eye. Easy to see the betrayal in his eyes, even at this distance. He started to say something, then went down under the Malleus vet.

Frayne & Quinn

Movement caught my attention, Tenebaum was back to his feet, blood painting the front of his breeches and waving his gun at me. As the doors closed, I showed the old single saint farewell, enjoying the rage in his face.

Quinn was jabbering away again, arms wrapped round her slender frame, shivering from the shock. It was raining heavy, the sky slate-grey and thick with water. Just onwards, the Arbites had formed a tight line, a few walkers still amongst them. That fat church-boy was still there, spraying fire like a dick from his battered old autogun and shouting some crap about how he’d seen off the unbelievers before. I pushed Quinn towards the nearest transport.

‘Get in and get it started, we leaving ok?’

She nodded, that red hair of hers plastered to her face with rain. She jumped in nimbly and the engine rumbled. I took a second to savour the moment. I’d had this way out planned for a while now, Rourke was ready to go whenever. Quinn might be difficult but I got the feeling she was done with Ordo work just like I was, only for different reasons. Still, she’d shown some potential and had some skills. Definitely some potential there. Still, enough daydreaming, time to get out while we still could.

I put a round into the back of Malachai’s head, just on principle. He dropped, blood painting the side of the Arbite wagon next to him. There was a tinny sound coming from the earpiece, Tenenbaum ordering me to stand down and face judgement.

Like I said, frakk that and frakk the Ordos.

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