Inquisitor Profiles: Andrus Fell

Good morning. So- the other day I covered how we start our Inquisitor campaigns, today I will give you a more in depth look at my character creation process including conversion, painting, stats and background choices.


Lord- General Andrus Fell is a composite character. On the one hand, he’s the traitor general, a character to be loathed and despised by the Imperium as a whole. He is an Imperial noble, and has valuable information. These facts allow him to avoid summary execution. On the other hand, his ordeals have made him almost feral. I wanted to capture an Apocalypse Now feeling with this character.

Let me indulge in his back story for a moment and you will see where I am going. It also answers why Fell is on-board a Mechanicus arc that is heading away from the war-zone:

Lord-General Andrus Fell has been called to trial for cowardice and incompetence in the face of the enemy. His military career is a storied one, with many impressive victories leading the Palantus Heavy Infantry and Mechanized Company. In his most recent campaign his adjutants and advisors noticed that his nerves seemed to be frayed. He never seemed to sleep or eat and although he had never been a warm commander he was never a monster- as the campaign wore on he became a recluse.

The Jungle world of Antar VII was to be the scene of his downfall. Greenskins had invaded the planet, threatening an important sensor relay that tracked the movement of ships for the entire sector. He committed his forces and suffered huge losses. The regiment was ill-suited for fighting in thick jungle terrain and the Orc Savages took full advantage- tearing into the armoured ranks as if they were parchment.

In one engagement Andrus lost 90% of his unit strength. His command Chimera was ambushed and he was pulled from the wreck bloody and beaten by a horde of Grot slaves. Stripped of his finery he was made a captive, made to fight his own men for the enjoyment of the savages. Redemption came in the form of the 103rd Avantine Airborn. Their force gutted the savage Greenskins, killing their Warboss and making the remnants of the force scatter into the jungles.

Andrus was found- alive but broken. He was brought before a commissariat committee and due to his rank and status they declared that he be sent off world to face a full military tribunal. His rank is suspended and he travels under the watchful gaze of armed Commissariat troops. There are fears that he has gone feral, given up vital military information and is suspected of turning his cloak. He is still a man of breeding and is treated with the entitlements of his high station- if not the respect.

He has boarded the ark and awaits his judgement.

 So you can see that the man has suffered quite the ordeal. He’s not a coward but a victim of circumstance. His regiment was ill suited to the battlefield they were assigned and he failed in his role as commander. The Orcs forced him to fight in gladiatorial combat for their amusement and his frayed nerves have snapped. The man is a walking time bomb.


I wanted to create a model which had regal bearing but also looked frail. I used an Imperial Guard commissar as the base for the conversion. I removed the right arm and head and replaced them thus:

247023_10152814683895051_148072370_n 420739_10152814683705051_252044970_n

I wanted him to be unarmed and walking with his arms behind his back. This pose works for his time in custody, as one assumes he would be cuffed. Once those cuffs are off- it will simply look like he’s walking with his hands behind his back.

The greatcoat looks huge on the model. This was intentional because although I wanted Fell to look regal, I also wanted him to look gaunt. I feel the Cadian commander head has really captured the look I was going for. I added a few more scar lines with a sharp hobby knife and green stuffed up the gaps.

I soon realised that his right hand was in an impossible position and changed it!

Stat Line:

In our last campaign I played a group of Ecclisiarchy priests. They were fun and cut everyone’s heads off with chainswords. I wanted something a little more subtle for this outing. Fell has no armaments at all. I like the fact that the model’s holster is empty- he’s a prisoner and he shouldn’t be armed.

To generate his stat-line I used the Rogue Trader as a base and this is what I came up with:

WS-74   BS-67   S-59   T-55   I-66   WP-67  SG-80  NV-82   LD-88

As you can see- he’s not too tough. He’s an average shot, with average strength and toughness but he’s not too shabby in a fight (must be all the time in the pits!).

I didn’t give him any weaponry so the only thing left to detail are any special abilities & psychic powers… Surprisingly enough he doesn’t have psychic powers. I gave him Leader to represent his time as an Imperial General and a little home cooked rule called ‘anxiety’. At GMs discretion, certain situations will make Fell anxious and likely to react with poor decision making. This represents his time in the jungle and the suspicion that he’s ‘gone native’ from too much time with the Orcs.As you can see- he’s not too tough. He’s an average shoot, with average strength and toughness but he’s not too shabby in a fight (must be all the time in the pits!).


Well, here he is:


SAM_0804 SAM_0808SAM_0807SAM_0805 SAM_0806

He’s a work in progress. I wanted to make his complexion very light and his uniform a drab collection of browns, grays and blacks. A little splash of colour has been added in the form of the belt, ruby and Aquilla, but beyond that I wanted him to look washed out.

Signing off

I hope you have enjoyed this insight into my character. I am very excited for this upcoming campaign. I leave you with two pictures of the men who inspired and informed his creation.

imagestumblr_m77agcx5da1qh5lhko1_500Spartacus + Walter E Kurtz = Andrus Fell

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