Inquisitor 28: Ticktock – Cognitae Operative

Here is the first of my Cognitae gang’s fluff. Iacton Flagg – or Ticktock.

Known by many names across the sector, but believed to be the perpetrator of the famous and now near mythical ‘Clock-man’ killings, Iacton Flagg is more often referred to as simply Ticktock.

Born with a degenerative wasting disease, Flagg pursued a career in medicine, but his twisted frame, shy demeanour and relentless scholam-yard taunting prevented him gaining his required licence.

Distraught and destitute Flagg found menial labour as a mortician’s assistant until his health deteriorated further and was fired by his superiors.

Without purpose Flagg was approached by Cognitae representatives, ultimately ‘enhanced’ by the rogue Tech-priest Olm Lockheed and then set loose on his former co-workers. Survivors reported to Arbite investigators the killer moved with a shambling gait, clearly enhanced cybernetically because of the clockwork ‘tick tock’ of his breathing.



By day a mild mannered Web Designer from Swindon, by night a horder and shaper of bits in his mad kit bash laboratory.

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