Inquisitor 28: The cost of secrecy

“It took our counter-intelligence agents months to find even the smallest trace of bio-data on Sholesh and his associates. Even then, we got barely more than a name for some of them. Cost us a lot to get that as well. You don’t go poking around the Inquisition and expect not to get burned.”
Danel Traygar, Imperial Intelligence and Records, attached to the 131st Malaz Heavy Infantry during the Aren Prime Reclamation.


One of the few Ordo officials to be positively identified, Sholesh dan Raf appeared to take control of the espionage-war quietly fought on the streets and data-streams of the rebellious Northern Hives. It was the information gathered by dan Raf and his associates that eventually turned the tide of the war, though some whisper that he may have been responsible for more than just the resolution of the Aren Prime Reclamation.

Now in the early years of his second century, dan Raf has a reputation as a cold-blooded manipulator and schemer with little compassion for those who become pieces in his games. Nevertheless, his results are well-regarded within the Ordos and he has so far escaped censure by his peers. Seen here clad in typically understated civilian dress, dan Raf’s sole concession to the import and grandeur of his vocation seems to be the advanced bionic limb replacing his right arm. Forged by artisans of the Adeptus Mechanicus, the bionic contains an implanted hellpistol in the palm of the hand as well as several other arcane devices suited to his work in the Ordo Hereticus.

Inquisitor dan Raf was often accompanied by these companions, who he referred to as his ‘wards’ – whether literally or in jest is not known. The Stormtrooper identified himself as Eli Mortlock and the markings on his carapace armour would suggest that he is attached to the Hereticus Stormtroop Regiments. While this is not unusual in itself, it is most unusual that Mortlock has retained his personality and memories – Inquisitorial Stormtroopers are routinely mind-wiped to prevent accidental corruption. We can only speculate that some aspect of Mortlock’s personality is important enough to ensure that his mind remains intact while in dan Raf’s service.

Introduced simply as Maljinn, little else is known about the feral swordswoman. Indeed, she was witnessed to be increasingly hostile towards any Imperial individuals who attempted to engage her in conversation, though several witnesses attest that her capacity for violence and skill with a blade was second to none. It is assumed that she was found on some backwater feral or deathworld and has been retained by dan Raf out of pity or amusement.


Identified during the unfortunate accusations and tribunals that followed the Namas Highway Incident, Interrogator Corlo Hyrant has served under dan Raf for the last 7 years. Afflicted with brittle bones due to exposure to high levels of radiation during the Lockhart Affair, Hyrant is now reliant on the steel support brace encasing his legs and lower back for mobility and displays the characteristic hair-loss common to radiation exposure. The ocular device worn by Interrogator Hyrant is a Psyocculum, an arcane seeing device used to identify and track psykers.

The Interrogator is accompanied by the imposing figure of Cal Morrow, an individual all-too-pleased to broadcast his heritage as a member of the Sam-Crow criminal gang of Newpest. Still clad in his gang leathers, Morrow is a particularly abrasive and unpleasant fellow by all accounts but seems strangely protective of Interrogator Hyrant and, in his own way, is possessed of a certain code of honour.

The individuals shown above are the most secretive of dan Raf’s agents, with little information other than their names recovered via facial recognition machine-spirits and the smallest of traces in the data-streams of the Northern Hives. The lack of neither any readily available bio-data of these subjects, nor any data held in storage across the Imperium would point to the use of high level data-obfuscation technology or the infiltration and amendment of Imperial records by an individual.

The female has been identified as Jessamy Quinn, native of New Crobuzon in the Scarus sector. Her exact role in dan Raf’s employment is unknown, however Cal Morrow was overheard as referring to her as, quote, ‘that data-rat bitch’, end quote. Quinn appears to be accompanied by a canine replicant animal, identified as a Re-Engineered Dog Variant XIII by Mechanicus sources.

The final individual’s identity is a troubling one. Facial recognition provided a 67% probability match to an Ethan Frayne, native of Harlans World, as well as matches to Elim Reynard, Takeshi Kyusa, Jackson Daw and several other identities. Several of these matches flagged outstanding warrants for acts of narcotic and arms dealing, as other more serious crimes such as terrorism, links to planetary uprisings and secessionist activity and multiple counts of murder. Worryingly, approximately 4 hours after this information was recovered, Imperial Intelligence data-stacks suffered a complete shutdown and reboot which appeared to wipe all record of Ethan Frayne from their records as well as now updating several other profiles to show the subject as deceased.


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