Inquisitor 28: Cognitae – Not all gangs have to be good guys…

At Paintwater diaries we have a thing for Inquisitor 28. Sadly we don’t have enough time to play as much as we’d like. Our last chronicle sort of fizzled out due to people having other commitments – a shame, perhaps we will get chance to revisit it at some point. Real life once again has gotten ahold of our members and so we haven’t been able to post as much. Big sad face 🙁

Anyway. While we were in the midst of the chronicle Dave and myself discussed building ‘bad guy gangs’, that is… not inquisitors… So chaos cults, mutants, criminal gangs etc. We talked and even cobbled together some models, I built a gang from out of production gorkamorka muties, and Dave plumbed for a Cognitae Operative and his allies. I thought this was a brilliant idea, so good in fact, I stole it.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Cognitae here is a brief description:

The Cognitae was a Chaos cult which took the form of an academy, run by its founder, Lilean Chase. According to Inquisitor Gideon Ravenor, the Cognitae’s aim was to develop, “by means psychic, eugenic and noetic,” a generation of individuals who would work to further the aims of Chaos in the Scarus Sector.

Every “graduate” of the Cognitae was both highly intelligent and extremely dangerous. These included Zygmunt Molotch, Jader Trice, and Gall Ballack.
According to Criol Fowst, the Cognitae, or some version of it, had existed within the Imperium for millennia, as far back as before the Great Crusade.

It also spawned several offshoots and imitators, some of which tried to recruit Fowst. He found some ideals in common with them, but ultimately rejected them in favor of his “true” calling, as a cultist in service to the Word Bearers.

They’re found mostly in the works of Dan Abnett, if you haven’t I urge you to read Eisenhorn, Ravenor and the newer Pariah.

Aside from Dave there has been a whole host of inspiration around the web of late, so much so I will, in the coming weeks, do a round up of the articles which have inspired this new smaller scale focus.

My Inquisitor 28 Cognitae Warband

That’s where these nasty pieces of work come in, I wanted a break from armies. From now on I don’t think I’ll be starting any new ones for the foreseeable future (he says as he begins a heresy imperial fist force) and will turn my focus onto smaller art and fluff driven prices, like this. I am bursting with ideas; the muties mentioned previously (I’ll show them off soon), old slaves to darkness era fantasy chaos warbands, Necromunda Pitslaves and so on.

For now however I present you, humble internet with Tyrell Manx – cognitae operative and his compatriots. A hearty mix of master terrorists, fear-mongers, assassins and murderers all. Today, I will just be giving you the pictures, check back soon from some of the backstory of each character and the rest of the gang!



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  • Wow, these guys look excellent! They are quite brimming with character (as a member of the esoteric Cognitae should)! I particularly like the assassin guy on the left, his splayed hand and pose work really well together (along with the cool coat). The little skull of smoke from the wizard kit was an excellent idea to emphasize the odd vessels of Chaos such an individual might uncover. I also like how he (the Cognitae) does not have any traditional weapons on display. It speaks to his confidence and suggests his intelligence is the strongest weapon of all. The painting is great too, very subtle and controlled, with the nice caution stripe accents. Finally, excellent choice on the bases; dragon forge makes some of the best. I find myself using the tech deck ones a lot too (for my inq28 stuff too, he he).

    • PaintWaterDiaries

      Thanks very much!

      You’ve hit the nail on the head with the look I was going for. I’m just putting the final touches to the 4th member of the team – then there is one more I haven’t converted yet…

      Checked out your blog a few months ago too – Love your Deathwing Command!

      • I look forward to seeing the rest! I never really tire of seeing people’s vision of the shady underbelly of the Inquisition and their adversaries 🙂

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