Infinite hobby potential… (We’re playing infinity geddit?)

Infinity Nomads

As you may have noticed, we’ve been even more lax than usual with updating PWD. Lots of stuff has happened in real life, jobs, family, marriages (you should’ve seen us all dressed up smart!) all kinds of exciting grown up stuff.

There has also been something of a paradigm shift in our groups attitude as you might have noticed from the last few articles. In short, we’re getting a little tired of GW’s shit (Although they seem to be changing? Maybe? I hope). Some of us more than others. Dave for instance has all but kicked GW out of bed, I however still love it, but we’re growing apart… I will always love GW’s lore and models, but man they’re being a bit of a dick lately – now I’ve seen some of what other games to offer – maybe it’s a whole ‘grass is greener’ deal. Time will tell, but my intention is to continue playing and painting GW models. I want to finish my Iron Hands, Imperial Fists, Word Bearers and Mechanicum, especially continue i28 (we have another chronicle in the offing). But with the whole End Times Fantasy story progression I’m not sure I will be continuing with that – I’ve amassed 3 3000pt+ armies, and for that to all go down the pan for a skirmish game leaves a bad taste in my mouth – I can’t see needing 120 or more skeletons, despite making a big dent in painting them.

So anyway, we’ve started to dabble in Infinity. I’ve been pecked by the hobby magpie. Currently I am running Nomads, although I have already got some Tohaa bits in the offing.

it’s quite a transition from 40k/Heresy. The game is obviously a smaller, skirmish level game. But it’s a different game in how it plays. There is a lot less of a my turn, your turn mechanic. It’s all very reactive, and even in your opponents turn you’re active in the game, reacting to what your opponent is doing.

But game play aside (infinity uses D20s for instance), stylistically Infinity is a very different beast, gone are the grim-dark super-goth skulls-on-everything-all-the-time looks, and in is near future, super clean lines and anime influences.

This for me at least was the main stumbling block to getting into Infinity. I LOVE the grim-dark, and I don’t really like the anime aesthetic… well that’s not entirely accurate I like a great deal of it, the mecha, the armoured suits – but there are some things that REALLY put me off – the ‘furry’ (tails and cat/bunny ears) elements, anthropomorphised panda-robots, the shameless female models posing with boobs and butts all poking out and ‘presenting’… ugh. Also it’s got to be said, Infinity models used to suck, they looked BAAAD.

Nomad comparison from Beasts of War

But, they’ve pulled their finger out, less and less furry elements, massively improved sculpts and a general ‘maturing’ of the miniature lines have warmed me too it. I see less of the ‘Cat girl and her friendly robot sidekick’ and more Fifth Element meets Bladerunner cyberpunk deliciousness – and I’ve taken the plunge, alas with baby steps, I’m sure as I get my Nomads painted they’ll be a lot more grim and gritty than the normal Infinity aesthetic (they are after all space-criminals).

So hobby hive mind, what are your thoughts on Infinity? Or GW? Has their changing attitude put you off? Or are you still like I was a staunch GW hobby-er?


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