I28: A Recap

With Blood bowl coming to a close, and a new Inquisitor 28 Chronicle around the corner I thought it would be good to recap what happened after our last chronicle – a series of short stories. So follows a brief overview of the warbands and a recap of the sessions we played. – Martin

This series of stories carries on immediately from the end of a chronicle we ran recently in which my Hereticus band, Martin’s Malleus and James’s Ecclesiarchy warband investigated suspicious activity on a recently colonised Imperial world. Rob ran the game and by the end sessions, we were facing a city-wide zombie outbreak.

The characters we used were:

Dave – Ordo Hereticus

  • Interrogator Titus Lockhart
  • Eli Mortlock, Guard Veteran
  • Jessamy Quinn, Data-rat
  • Ethan Frayne, Pariah and murderer
  • Red XIII, cyber-mastiff
Tenenbaum (left) modelled after the incident..

Tenenbaum (left) modelled after the incident..

Martin – Ordo Malleus

  • Interrogator Tenanbaum
  • Farson, Arbite Officer
  • Armitage, Investigator
  • Ibrahim, Guard Veteran
  • Sanctus , Lumbering Combat servitor

James – The Ecclesiarchy

  • Father Leviticus, Priest
  • Quintus, bodyguard
  • Malachai, Frateris Militia
  • Udo the smaller, torturer and genetic mutant
  • Udo the Larger, Big smashy mutant

Martin’s warband were radical Inquisitors – his Interrogator used a daemonically possessed pistol, and Armitage had been possessed by something after he read an unprotected chaotic text – he had been seeing and hearing things throughout the campaign.

The final session saw us holed up in the Governors palace, facing down the architect of the cult uprising and his Chaos Marine bodyguard. While that went on, my suspicious Hereticus agents were keeping an eye on Armitage – during the game, this evolved by itself into a firefight breaking out between my characters and Martins, with James’s suddenly joining in on the Malleus side.

At the end of the session, Morlock was dead as was Farson, Lockhart had been chainsworded into a coma and I only had Frayne and Quinn left – they swiftly ran and locked the other characters inside the palace, making their escape.

This led onto the following tales which were posted up on Facebook over the course of a month or so… stay tuned 😉

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