How to Paint Emperor’s Children


So you may have seen Jason’s Emperor’s Children knocking about on the internet, heck if you’re in any facebook group remotely related to the Heresy you probably see him post about 40 pictures a week of his various commissions.¬†Look at that beautiful Fulgrim above!

How to Paint Emperor’s Children

1 – Naggaroth night

2- Then ink Druchi Violet

3 РMix Naggaroth night and Xereus purple into a 50/50 mix and paint top two thirds of each plate.

4 – Add a small drop of Genestealer pink like in picture and line all highest parts of armor plates.

5 – Mix Naggaroth and bone to highlight with fine detail brush keep adding until happy.

6 – If you go too far make a glaze 80% water 20% Naggaroth night to tone it down


And there you go, Emperor is your Dad, Bob is your uncle.

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