How to Paint Pre-Heresy Death Guard & My Angel of Hobby Mercy

There have been times when I’ve not wanted to touch a single model because of the pain and suffering they have caused. One recent issue occurred with my Death Guard. I lovingly made them and set them aside to spray. I researched different ways of painting them and got really excited for the day I’d get to put paint to pallet and get to work. Disaster struck. I sprayed them on a seemingly normal day, but there must have been too much moisture in the air. When the models dried they were covered in filth, strands and other random detritus.

I’ve got to be honest; I was heartbroken.

My first instinct was to blame GW and in their defence they did apologise for any inconvenience and said that it was ultimately my fault and there was nothing they could do. I was miffed but the £15.00 voucher as a gesture of good will meant I could at least get a model to numb the pain.

In the end I took four hundred + pounds worth of resin and dumped them in Fairy Power Spray (more on stripping models here). I spent days getting as much of the ruined paint off of the poor guys as I could. I then bought some Halfords white primer and tried again.

The result was much better; I however was fed up with them. I didn’t even want to look at them. This is where my beloved friend Jason Hewington stepped in.  He swooped in like an angel of mercy and said he’d try his hardest to sort out my mess.

Jason is renowned for his speed painting techniques. I won’t big him up too much. Look at these photos and the time scales behind them & be impressed for yourself.

The Method – Death Guard Painting Guide

 Sepia wash over Halfords White Primer:


Mix white and add drops of Seraphim (wet brush):


Final White Highlight (mostly drybrush):


Green mixed with watered down black on details:


Wet brush some silver, prime face of character:


Ink + character face:


All finished:





I’m a little sad that I didn’t paint them, but considering the pain and suffering that I went through at the start of this project, I am just glad Jason was able to give me back the buzz. I’m so excited to get to grips with these guys and start playing more Heresy games.

Jason – this article’s for you big man. If there is anyone out there that would like to ask him any questions, I’ll pass them on to him and post his replies (I’m sure he’d consider commission work if you asked nicely!).