Horus Heresy Challenge Vol 2 – Part 2


And lo, was the second part of the second part posted…


Well folks, today’s Sausage-avoiding update is brought to you by caffeine, insomnia and a 5 hour painting marathon that damn near broke me. I was very close to accepting defeat this week, with some personal stuff getting in the way of hobby time.

However, a stroke of luck gave me a free Monday evening and damn me if I didn’t smash out the last 5 Ophanim in one fell swoop. Witness the pictorial evidence: blood-angel-breachers

Mother fucking sex in power armour. I also randomly pulled out a blade for my Legion Champion Consul, painted up to look like a white hot ceramic blade. Couple of hours work, but I’m damn happy with it:


Still to do are the last 3 Veterans, the 5 Destroyers, the Moritat and Consul, and the Sicaran. No sweat. Now, apologies, I would write more but I’ve had no sleep and the world is so shiny, so chrome and I mus-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


The Dreadnoughts are finished, I am not the wobbly sausage. That’s pretty much it from me…. Next up – SPARTAN



So yes, you’ve guessed it Internet, James is the wobbly sausage. When asked for his photo for this update he sent this:

James fleeing the country

James fleeing the country with his totally manly bag, stop mentioning it you guys…