Hobby – Social Life – Responsibilities: Pick two

Good afternoon, my beloved glue-sniffers. I have been most negligent in my duties as article-writing-robot recently. I can only blame a misfeed in my productivity slot. In essence, every time I have sat at the PC this is all that has come out:


You know why? I’ve been neglecting my hobby.
I’ve recently got a new job, (not that you care, but I’m using it to demonstrate a point so shush) and the hours really suck. What do I do when I’m not at work? I make up for all the time I am at work by spending quality time with my lady friend. Now I’m not bemoaning either of these things. I really like my job and my lady friend is OK too I guess, (if you’re reading this, please don’t kill me) but my point stands.
I’ve picked my two.
I’m sure many of you have likewise picked being a functioning human being above spending all day figuratively (sometimes literally) glued to your desk indulging in plastic and resin. So how do you get around this? Well this article (other than rambling nonsense) is an attempt for me to share some coping strategies that are used by me and other members of my gaming group – the aptly named Warbastards.

  • The Man Cave – Men are from Mars etc. etc.
    I’m not here to bore you with pseudo-psychology and spaff about how women and men are different. It’s obvious. It’s also true, we need different things. I’m not saying that women don’t need their own space to retreat to, to reflect on the core of their being, what I am saying is that I’ve never encountered one that needs solitude in the same way as a large portion of my brethren. Robin has his attic, Jason his desk, Martin an actual room dedicated to hobbying – but the understanding is that when they occupy these spaces they are untouchable. They retreat to their cave and revel in what they love. They return recharged and ready to be a responsible human being again. If you find you are unable to paint, model or game in peace – it might be because you are not giving yourself the space to do it. The kitchen table & the coffee table are all well and good, but why not go that extra mile and give you and your significant other/ parents/ children some space to breath.
  • The lads weekend – Hooters optional
    Who am I kidding? Hooters is never optional. I refer of course to a bromantic weekend away to Warhammer World in Nottingham. I’ve had a couple with my co-anchor Martin and I’ve got to say, I’ve never loved my hobby more. I know that getting a whole weekend away to spend on your hobby for some might seem like a luxury, an impossibility and potentially suicidal, but think for a moment. You spend Monday to Friday at work; you spend the rest of your time doing socially acceptable things, why not blow off some steam and kick back with your wargamming buddies? There’s also an alternative to ditching the wife and kids; take them with you. Gamesday this year was amazing. Martin and I took our significant others with us to Birmingham. Did we make them queue up for toy soldiers? No. We let them do what they love. Which turns out is wander aimlessly around Birmingham and look at shoes. We met up for dinner after a day where we all indulged in ‘me’ time and then everyone went home and had sexytime (unverified).
  • The working lunch – Why not have everyone at work think you’re a hobby-derp?
    I am blessed and cursed with a job. The curse part really involves the amount of time I don’t spend at home building models. Twice a week, I work a split shift. These days sucked to begin with, four hours of trying to entertain myself whilst waiting to go back to work. I wasn’t able to go home as I commute – so, what to do? I started bringing my hobby to work. I found a quiet spot with very little foot traffic and I made models. My boss laughed when I came back from my split shift with a Storm Eagle in one hand, but I was happy and she only mocked me for a few hours. Since that day, I frequently bring a box of models in with me to work, clean, prep and build them and use my down time between shifts to revel in my hobby. One of the Warbastards works nights and paints entire armies during his shift- now that’s multitasking.

So – I hope some of our coping strategies help you to pick two and still enjoy your hobby. Your responsibilities and social life should always take priority above any hobby; it’s what makes you a functioning person and not a basement-dwelling neckbeard (which none of you are – surely?).

If you’re an enraged neckbeard who would like to choke me, or you have a suggestion that could help your fellow hobbyists, why not leave me threat/ comment.