Heresy Weekender 2016: I am disappoint :(


Well this was intended to be a post where we would update it throughout the weekend, but well there wasn’t much worth showing you really. Honestly the weekend was an absolute shambles of organisation. It really is a pity.

A Geek Ouroboros

The event started with everyone getting to the sales area and waiting in a line really early, around 2 hours before the event was set to start. Of course, being British, myself and my esteemed gentleman companion joined said queue. There was no signposting of where people should wait, so eventually an ouroboros of wargaming geeks encircled the whole of the sales area – people who weren’t there two hours early (I know, what were they thinking!) just milled about a bit looking confused.

Eventually registration started, tickets were inspected, the little removable bit was removed and bags we would totally wear again in public were handed out… oh and stickers! Cool, free gifts, the bag is pretty good quality, stickers and pin badges are kind of cool – not bad, like I say I wouldn’t be seen dead outside with a bag emblazoned with the eye of horus, but a nice keepsake.

We were all issued with the usual lanyard/wallet for the remaining half of the ticket, this acts as your pass to go in and out of the events, however in a feat of organisation and planning which would foreshadow the entire weekend.. the ticket didn’t fit in the little wallet. Good job GW. That really summed up the event, most of the parts were there, but it didn’t come together as it should.

The Loot

Well.. there wasn’t really anything. No event only models, no new releases bar Retribution, very limited quantities of the Domitar (an amazing model( and the new Red Book. Retribution was available for all, but the red book was in such small quantities that only a few managed to get it. No new Black Library books, even the one showcased in the programme wasn’t available due to poor planning.

At these events the setup usually consists of one stand where you pick up products, then another where you go to pay. No such luck this weekend – the aforementioned ouroboros encircled the sales stand some 3 people deep all baying to get the few available items that were actually there. Given this busy bar on a Friday night setup meant people were served out of sequence, and honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of stock ‘went missing’. To illustrate the point, a guy we met there had arrived at the stands 2 hours before they’d opened… he’d travelled in from the states, you know crossed continents to be at this event… he didn’t get any of the pre releases – despite being in line 2 hours before he needed to be. Poor guy.

The Seminars

Started a bit awkwardly, it seemed like people were just shoved on panels and didn’t really know what they were about or why they were there. To be fair they got progressively better as the weekend went on and the guys warmed up a bit.

Speaking of warming up a bit, the seminar room was packed so tight the event got a warning from a Health and Safety Officer who happened to be at the event causing the final talk of the day to be split into two sessions!


It’s a difficult one, I had a good weekend, but most of the ‘good bits’ had little to do with the event organisers and more to do with the beer and company. The run away success of the whole weekend was the quiz on the Saturday evening hosted by Laurie Goulding really helped to turn the event around – good job that man.

So TL:DR – I won’t bother going to next years. Considering I’d spent the £70 odd pound on the ticket, the 6 hour round trip, the hotel and food expenses this was a big disappointment. A good weekend overall, made by the good people and drinks. Laurie’s quiz was a highlight, but man that is a lot of money for a pub quiz, no matter how many penises get sculpted in the name of hilarity. 

Anyway, here are some pictures you’ve probably seen already: