Heresy Tournament Update

Hello again Hobbyland, Papa-Robin back with my promised update on the Warbastards Super-fun Tournament-of-Awesomeness, as I have just decided to call it.  At the point of writing this we are about half way through the tournament with everyone having won at least one game, so no one is totally rubbish.  I thought it would be good to get the team’s thoughts on their army selection down and in uncharacteristically prompt form I had a paragraph from each of them, some paragraphs were shorter than others, as you will see, but here they are in the order they were submitted:

Paul’s army of armoured Nightlords

So Robin has asked for a short paragraph on my army and my thoughts on it. Well my army was originally designed to link up with 2 other armies being the heavy armoured section i.e the wall. With a fast flying army and an elite combat army linked, it was a well-rounded force. However when we had said game I found myself taking on 3 armies (on my own) whilst waiting till turn 3 ish before my buddies showed up to help me out.

To be able to survive (ish) till then I thought I could be onto something here. It consists of armoured spear head rite of war with our good old buddy Sevatar at the lead. He rocks around in a Spartan with 20 tactical marines and an apothecary to make people think twice before coming too close (it never works!!). I then have a 10 man tactical squad in a landraider phobos and a 5 man support squad with flamers in a landraider proteus (for grabbing objectives). So far so good armour 14 all round. Now here’s where I turn into a proverbial dick. Throw in 2 whirlwind Scorpius tanks (I know that’s pretty dickish in it’s own right), then a Fellblade (starting to be the king of dicks) and then for shits and giggles a lightning for some air support (ding ding we have a winner, the ultimate dick). Later finding out I was the only person who brought a lord of war earned me some abuse from mr Fox in our first game.

All round I’m quite happy with its performance as every opponent has been scratching there head when facing off against it and I’ve had some fun games with it. All in all my army equates to 2 things, me being lazy and not wanting to write more army lists and also being a bit of a dick


Martin’s Iron Hands

I’ve played Iron Hands since forever, before they were cool even. I had always run a infantry and dread heavy list with some modicum of success, however this apparently doesn’t work at smaller sizes for Heresy games – one Scorpius or terminator blob and I lose frown emoticon

I struggled to find something that included the units I wanted, but also would be competitive. Taking a step back, I looked at my force, I had always been taking the Head of the Gorgon, but never really played to it’s strengths – I never outflanked any vehicles. Nur. Maybe I should do that? Alas for this size of game I had to sacrifice a dreadnought and content myself with Castellax (which are gross btw!).

So I wrote a list with that as my intention, then promptly forgot to do it in my first two games… alas I remembered eventually and it is safe to say my IH got their mojo back (Sorry Jason!) and have since administered a sound drubbing.

Onwards and upwards!

Jason’s Emperor’s Children

My 2500pt army took a lot of thinking, changing, and changing again.
Using the third rite of war allows for some great tactical choices and leaves opponents second guessing, also my version of Lucius the Eternal managed to be the source of annoyance for the group.

I have not done as well as I would have hoped, managing a great come back against Paul, a brilliant close game with Duncan, and two kicking from two armies that start with Iron.
fair to say shooting forces in 30k are extremely effective and can cripple armies very quickly. The whole experience has left me wanting more and has made me want to see what changes with the new rites of war we can look forward to.


As I said, some paragraphs were shorter than others, so I feel I must expand on James’ theme here.  I mentioned in my previous article, that the list’s were to be submitted in advance and that most of the team adhered to this, well James did not, in the run up to the tournament starting, Jimmy asked us if we minded him being allowed to tweak his list as the tournament progressed, because he wanted to use his new Word Bearer force and as he hadn’t used them yet, he didn’t wanna potentially end up playing the whole tournament with an army that just didn’t work.  As this was a fun tournament between friends, we of course said ‘Sure buddy, whatever you need!’  So I’m sure you can imagine poor old Martin’s face when James rocks up on the night with a Death Guard army consisting of about four hundred dreadnaughts of various flavours!  Incidentally, he still hasn’t submitted his list…

Duncan’s World Eaters

So, my army choice? It came a bit last minute really. I’ve generally had very little success with my world eaters probably owing to the fact that 30k is a shooting man’s game and all I want to do is get the bloody 12th into combat. With this in mind and knowing the sorts of horrific shooting armies I might face (I’m looking at you Robin) I wanted to go with an armoured assault force.

Problem was I didn’t have a Spartan and everyone else was using theirs, what I did have was drop pods. Using the orbital assault rite of war I chucked 10 red butchers in an assault claw as my hammer unit as well two contemptors in drop pods. These three are basically there to overwhelm the enemy army getting stuck in straight away. My alpha strike unit is 7 melta guns and a master of signals, these guys go in and try and take out a primary target and hopefully grab first blood and are also a scoring unit.

Scoring units were a major concern for me so I took two tactical squads and a delagatus in a pod with five veterans giving me a total of four objective grabbing squads. This also gave me seven pods, it’s massively important to have an odd number of them for the purposes of the drop pod assault rule, four pods come down first hopefully do some damage and try and survive. The others come down and grab objectives and try and survive, somehow this has worked so far…….just.


Robin’s Iron Warriors

For myself, I rolled out with my usual army the IV Legion.  Whenever I work out a list, I like to ensure I have all of the basses covered, so I include something to deal with troops, armour and flyers.  The Sons of Olympia are nothing if not pragmatic, so a little of each makes sure that you can deal with whatever you come up against without specialising, I hadn’t fielded a Warsmith yet, so I wanted to include one of them, I love the Master of Ordinance, so one of them went in, accompanied by a unit of Iron Havocs with missile launchers for a nice bit of versatility.  I needed three core choices for the Hammer of Olympia RoW, so that was three Tactical squads, two 15man squads armed with extra close combat weapons,  and an extra 10man squad in a Rhino to grab objectives, (tactics!) for more versatility, I added two Quad launchers, and for some anti-armour punch two rapiers, for some anti-everything I added two Medusa siege mortars, to add some extra anti-air power, I included a Deredao with a missile-hat and because I love them I added a pair of Casterferum dreads, armed with Multimeltas and chainfists.

So that’s your peek into the mind of a Warbastards, I do hope you liked it!

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back soon with a final update on the tournament where I’ll be able to announce the winner (Applause) and the loser (Mocking laughter).  Until then my friends.

Catch you later Hobby-faces.