Heresy Tournaments at WBHQ!

As you’ll know if you have read many of our previous offerings, most of the team here at PWD fall more on the side of fluff than on competitive game play, though having run a couple of Bloodbowl leagues for the Warbarstards taking gold with the supremely successful and apparently not much fun to face ‘Badland Facesmashaz’ I could be accused of being far more competitive than I would give myself credit for. Anyway, with that in mind, it may not be a surprise that I decided to put together a short tournament for the other Warbarstards for our current ‘guerre de choix’ Warhammer 30,000. Talking it through with some of the team, we decided to keep it simple, a Round Robin tournament with 5 rounds, allowing the six regular attendees of ‘Man night’ to play each other 1on1, which is something that quite often doesn’t happen due to the availability of table space at the various man-caves, games often end up being multi player, so everyone gets a game in. I thought a tourney would take us nicely away from that, and foster a spirit of friendly competition.


Anyway, the rules I devised were simple, everyone picks their force, 2,500pts of Hersey-era army of their choosing. The lists had to be pre-submitted on a certain date, which was followed to a greater/lesser degree depending on which Bastards you pick, Jason submitted his two weeks early, James didn’t bother until his first game and gave poor old Martin the shock of his life (more on that another time) The rounds were randomised and each round corresponded to a mission in the core rule book, Round one meant that everyone played *Insert mission name* round two meant that everyone played *Insert mission name* and thankfully, as there were only five rounds no one had to play THE RELIC!!!! *dun dun dun*

The Forces:

Duncan World Eaters
Jason Emperor’s Children
James Death Guard
Martin Iron Hands
Paul Night Lords
Robin Iron Warriors

The Rounds

Round 1 A B
Martin Vs James
Duncan Vs Robin
Jason Vs Paul
Round 2 A   B
Martin Vs Robin
James Vs Paul
Duncan Vs Jason
Round 3 A   B
Martin Vs Paul
Robin Vs Jason
James Vs Duncan
Round 4 A   B
Martin Vs Duncan
Jason Vs James
Paul Vs Robin
Round 5 A   B
Martin Vs Jason
Paul Vs Duncan
Robin Vs James