Heresy Thousand Sons Challenge

Heresy Thousand Sons

We’re all working on 2000point Heresy lists for September. The aim is to get them all painted in time for a game at Firestorm Games. Thus the gauntlet was thrown down! You can read the kick off article here.

Horus Heresy Thousand Sons

So the Warbastards decided that trying to put together 2000 point armies in a short amount of time was a good idea. After some trash talk and a few accusations of people’s gender preference, I decided to jump in on this challenge.

Now what legion to pick? I had thoughts of revamping my Night Lords and giving them a big overhaul, and making them look even more awesome. However it seems the general feel is to start from scratch so i am looking more towards my Thousand sons or my Mechanicum army. Both have pros and cons but I ended up deciding on the Thousand Sons.

A reason to get started

They are a project that I have been staring at for over a year with very little progress done to them but i think it’s now their time. The type of army I have no idea really,  maybe veterans and Librarian consuls but what else to add in is anyone’s guess. The main reason I chose the Thousand sons was to be contrast to my Night Lords army. Instead of having hordes of rank and file and it being a very dark army, I wanted the thousand sons to be exquisite with small numbers. I wanted to put a lot of time into modelling and painting them (which now seems a very tall order).  I believe i have enough troops to fulfil to order and may have to pull some project models out of their boxes to now become thousand son war machines.

Basically if there is anything to take away from these ramblings is, I have no idea if i will succeed in this challenge or what kind of army is about to be created but I will make sure they are true eye candy.

Paul’s Thousand Sons Progress

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