Heresy Challenge: World Eaters!


Let me axe you a question….

So we must have really made it in war gaming journalism to have our very own tale of painters saga starting, right?

I mean I remember back in the days of white dwarf actually having words in it reading the exploits of Paul Sawyer and the others not so fat blokes putting together fantasy armies and giving us their reasons for unit choices rather than “buy this unit, it is cool and goes PEW PEW” but that’s a rant for another time.

So this is my introduction into my first ever tale of painters err tale?

It was my idea to head down to the mighty Diff for some gaming and I was heartened to see the guys decide to get 2k armies painted and document our collective failure on the interwebz. Sadly I soon discovered that myself and 2 other warbastards would be off pretending to be knights in a field in Norfolk that weekend which means that we can’t go and as all true friends would do they are buggering of to Cardiff anyway.


But I’m still going to contributing to this. Now I’ve got a fair few World Eaters already painted so I’ve got a pretty good start on the required 2K but the problem is that I’ve been working on an army that uses the orbital assault rite of war and unless I get to use the force as a whole I’ve found that most of the stuff that I’ve painted so far just doesn’t cut it against Robins phospex chucking medusas or Martins 10 man lascanon squad. So while I don’t have a set list in mind yet I have been eyeing up some units with a bit more punch. So on to the list,


  • Praetor in tartaros armour, digital lasers, combi melta, master crafted chainfist.


  • 16 tactical marines with close combat weapons, legion vexilla, Sgt with artificer armour, melta bomb and power fist.
  • 10 tactical marines with extra close combat weapons, legion vexilla, Sgt with artificer armour, melta bomb and power axe, rhino with heavy bolter, auxiliary drive and dozer blade.
  • 5 red butchers in a dreadclaw drop pod
  • Spartan with the usual trimmings
  • Land raider Achilles alpha
  • Apothecary
  • Vindicator with machine spirit, dozer blade, machine spirit, auxiliary drive, extra armour and twin linked bolter.

So that lot comes in at 3 points shy of the 2k and the idea is that I drive it forward and ram it down the other warbastards throats as they shoot at me from the comfort of their deployment zones, or at least that’s the plan.

Next time folks read about what I’ve got painted and how all my plans have unravelled.


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