Heresy Challenge Update 3 – Part 2

So Dear Internet, here lies part 2 of update 3, and within… the wobbly sausage the is this update’s loser… and in a shock turn of events it’s not James…

Iron Hands from Martin

This update saw me finish the last vehicle for my challenge, not counting the anti-air tarantula, and so all I have left to complete are:

  • 10 Immortals
  • 1 Praevian
  • 1 Forgelord
  • 1 Tarantula

So 7 weeks, for that… easy right.


Death Guard from James

So a little bit of progress to avoid being both wobbley and a sausage. I’ve started work on my legion champion. He’s the most bling death guard I’ve ever painted as he has a touch of gold trim. Most of the armour is sorted, needs some finishing touches and highlights on the guns, shoulders etc. but I’ve barely had time with all the honeymoon shenanigans. Should be finished for the next update.


Thousand Sons from Paul

Paul got his Storm Eagle mostly built…

Emperor’s Children from Jason

Well Jason didn’t make any progress, even with a few days extra. And so… he has become… the SAUSAGE…

Well Internet, that’s the end of this update. Some good progress, some lackluster progress, and one giant sausage. BYEEEE

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