Heresy Challenge Update 3 – Part 1


Greetings Dear Internet,

I invite you to find the latest update on our Heresy Hobby Challenge. With around 6/5 weeks to go, some of us are doing very well, others… are not…

First up…

The Angels of Seraph – a totally Rad update from Dave

Well, with the end in sight for Seraph painting-wise, it’s been a hefty week of assembly here to get all the final bits and pieces ready to go. First up on the assembly line, I’ve finally caved and done a tank. I know, I feel dirty too. Originally there was going to be a Sicaran – because who doesn’t love that awesome tank – but with time ticking on, I couldn’t guarantee that it would arrive in time. There was also a nagging voice that said “you know, maybe some anti-terminator and borderline anti-tank gunnage might be an idea…..”


One Predator kit to the rescue and voila – we have a melta-pred by the name of Steel Dawn. I went for the melta-cannon in the end because the plasma is just way too powerful and thematically I think melta is a better fit for the Angels. Construction-wise, don’t get me started. I don’t enjoy assembling tanks at the best of times, and doing a resin one didn’t help my frustration. The rear of the tracks needed a little bodge-work, but f*ck it, no-ones going to see that except me. Needs a little gs work to fill some gaps but overall I like it. The melta-freemer is converted from the graviton gun turret and the Baal Flamestorm cannon, I’m happy with how it turned out.


Then we have the more important unit. The Lament. Might not be the best in-game but damn do they look good. The idea behind them was that once I’d done my Angel of Lamentation Moritat, he needed some bro’s to hang out with and be totally rad. Enter the Destroyers. I liked the idea that being a Destroyer was a punishment, that you were stripped of all identification and honour markings and sealed into a blank facemask until you died or paid your dues. Plus the secondary theme of the survivors of the rad-blasted sands of Baal slinging around rad-grenades knowing exactly what they do is awesome. Conversion-wise, very simple – Sanguinary Guard deathmasks on the regular Destroyers with a few arm tweaks. Deliberately kept them simple so that I can add a radiation-bleached effect to the armour – the plan is that between that bleaching and the faded chequering and the name, they should echo a certain Blood Angel Successor…


A Delicious World Eater Update from Duncan

So with the threat of the hobby sausage looming I find myself in a bit of a panic. You see my other hobby is medieval reanactment and next week we have a massive battle that I’m taking part in so all of my spare time is taken up by making kit for that. So it seemed that I was going to be on the receiving end of Martin’s meat product. Thankfully James is still eating his way through America so I am able to dodge the sausage with the minimum of work. So what I’ve done is put the axes on the red butchers and start work on a centurion. This guy will be the main antagonist in some narrative games between my world eaters and Dave’s blood angels. Anywhos I’ve got to get on but I will be hitting the painting hard once I’m back from the continent. Love you byeeeeeee.


Iron Warriors from Robin

Well…. he assembled a Dreadeo… kinda…



Next Up…

Updates from Martin’s Iron Hands, James’ Death Guard, Jason’s Emperor’s Children and Paul’s Thousand Sons… who will be this instalment’s loser and get slapped with the wobbly sausage? STAY TUNED!

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