Heresy Challenge: The Aftermath

Greetings, esteemed members of the hobby community, Robin here with the final run-down of the Warbastards painting challenge.


If you haven’t been following the challenge, the goal was for each member of the PWD crew to finish a complete 2,000pts Heresy-era force and take it to an event which we had arranged for the weekend just gone (12th September), with regular accountability updates to each other to keep us all motivated and anyone who had not made any progress was awarded the rightly feared ‘Wobbly Sausage Award’. Well, what can I say, when doing a challenge like this you expect some people won’t make it across the finish line but frankly, I thought that some of us might make it! That’s right, of the seven members of the team who set out on this adventure, not a single one completed the full challenge…

Martin did the best as far as painting is concerned, as he actually managed to get his 2k list all painted up, so a big high five to him there. Another honourable mention should go to James, who made massive progress in getting his list painted, mostly painted by Jason, but you know what? I never said they had to paint it themselves! Painted is painted after all. The rest of the guys had varying degrees of success in finishing their pledges, for myself, I managed about half of my army, so shame and scorn should be heaped on me as well.

The second part of the challenge was to take our (mostly) painted armies to Cardiff and play some games have some lols and generally have a good old time. It’s this part of the challenge that everyone else fell down on. Of the seven members of the team that signed up for the challenge, only one finished their army, as mentioned above that hobby-hero was Martin, and only one actually attended the event that we organised… that, dear reader, was your very own Papa-Robin. So, Wobbly sausages all around then!

Even though I ended up heading down on my own, I had an awesome time. I met up with a handful of old friends and was introduced to some people I had only spoken to in various forums over the years. We played a load of games of various sizes, some hard fought, some just for laughs. I organised a Primarch Death-match which was won by Vulcan in the end, though my own Gene-sire, Perturabo acquitted himself well slaying two of his brothers before falling in the final battle to the ultimate victor. Many lols were had!


It’s about now I want to say a big thank you to our host, Rob West from Firestorm Games. He was an absolutely awesome host, generous and accommodating, even though they had a massive tournament running on the Saturday, he set space aside for us all to play and even joined in on some of the games himself. If you haven’t been down to Firestorm, I can’t recommend it enough, the place is immense, easily the biggest gaming club I’ve ever been in, it’s fully stocked with themed tables to do battle over and the shop has everything you might need hobby-wise, not to mention, the food and drink facilities, it’s got a licensed bar and a café selling hot food. Seriously, you can drink beer and eat burgers while you crush your foes! So yeah, if you find yourself in, on, or anywhere near Cardiff, check out Firestorm, you won’t be disappointed.

So what’s next I hear you ask? Well a new challenge looms on the horizon, Marin, James, Paul and myself are going to be working on something a bit special next, we plan to have a group game in a few months time with only Knight Titans on the field, twenty in fact. We haven’t worked out the details yet, but we shall share more with you when we know.

Until then my friends, I shall bid you adieu.