Heresy Challenge Iron Warrior Update

Hi guys,

Papa Robin here, with a much needed update on my 2,000 points challenge. With one thing and another, real life has been somewhat challenging in the last few weeks, which well and truly took the wind out of my sales as far as the hobby in general and the challenge in particular are concerned. But as the old inter-saying goes “Less QQ, more Pew-Pew” so back into the saddle I did get, and with my hobby paraphernalia in hand I got well and truly stuck into my Warriors of Iron, and you know what, dear reader? I’ve got some serious momentum going, well for me anyway.

In my last update, I said I was going to be working on my Tactical squads next, well I’m a man of my word, so I am. I have finished construction on the first 15-man tac squad,


Base sprayed them,


And only gone and finished painting them!


I’ve also finished the 5-man Cattafractii squad, but that’s not a massive step forward as they only needed a final ink wash on a couple of them!


And I’ve finished my convertion of Erasmus Golg. Which I’m pretty pleased with.


So what I have there my friends is a fully painted, legal army!!! Yeah, I know right!?


This article is a little bit of a celebration of finished miniatures, so I have made progress on some of the other elements, but nothing is finished yet. I’ll share some pictures of the rest of my progress later on, as I’ve nearly finished my Dorito-naught and I have a devastator squad which is very nearly at painting stage. But for now I’ll bid you a fond farewell and wish you all the best in your hobby endeavours.

Papa Robin.

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