Heresy Challenge Group Update Vol.2

Welcome dear Internet to another update on our Heresy Challenge – a tale of toil and hardship, of work and striving to not be the one-who-is-the-wobbly-sausage.

Who’d have thought all it needed to get us all painting models was to be called a ‘Wobbly Sausage’ on the internet – a little peer pressure apparently goes a long way. So without further adieu… the updates!

First up, the developed palettes of the World Eaters:


It’s 8 am Saturday morning and I have been up since 7 trying to get some hobby progress done and its all been due to the threat of being dubbed a wobbly sausage.

So what have I gotten done? Not a great deal in all honesty as I have a number of large projects going on in my other major hobby but there has been a bit of movement in my hobby bowels.
The red butchers!


Now when these first appeared I was turbo excited, the sculpts where great if a little Skippy and the fluff didn’t really fit the armour style but the faces on these guys were phenomenal and really made up for the rather lack lustre rampager kit. I waited for the release eagerly and then the day came, and they had been ruined.

Gone were the amazing pained expressions and in their place were God awful helmets that couldn’t contain a space marines balls let along his transhuman head. So what I’ve spent my time doing is putting these bad boys together an removing the helmets to be replaced with a combination of world eater helms and crazed to looking faces from around the spacemarine line. I’ve also gotten the red butchers transport put together, I love the dread claw kit it looks great and dispute what the internet says its a dream to put together.


As for games I’ve played two withe the list as stands. The first was a brutal game against James’s flying death guard which despite my fears was a great game and I only lost by a single victory point.

The second was total kicking at the hands of Robin’s iron warriors. The other warbastards have a tendency to sit back and pound the snot out of me as I run into their guns and his list is no different (Dave did point out that 30k is about shooting and not close combat) which is why I have taken the transports I have. Still the amount of fire power was staggering, tactically I had decided to try and kill Robin’s three troops choices as we were playing fire tide which worked to a degree with only a single scoring terminator being left on the table. Unfortunately I hadn’t managed to touch all of the damned artillery hidden in ruins and I got a tabling for my efforts.

So as ever folks my gaming is a grand tale of woe. Next game will probably be with Dave and the emotionally unstable 9th legion, we’ve talked briefly about it and rather than take my current vehicle heavy list which he has no hope of stopping im going to take 2k of foot slogging loonies and see if he can stop them.

That’s it then, Martin can put the sausage back in the cock shaped box and I can breath easier to a short time.
In other news my beard became ever more luxurious…..


Well Jason didn’t supply any words, to accompany his pictures, but the progress speaks for itself:


Jason’s 146th Eidelon conversion (well ok, maybe his 5th/6th)



Robin motors on with his Iron Warriors, he’s currently being distracted by Perturabo though, so he’s a prime candidate for wobbly sausage next week!


You can read his progress update here – Horus Heresy Iron Warrior Update


Paul makes some massive leaps and bounds with his Thousand Sons challenge, not happy enough making us all look bad by doing more, quick than the rest of us, he went a made a video?! I know right!

So that’s the first half of this challenge update, stay tuned for the other half later in the week: Myself with my Iron Hands, James with his Deathguard, Dave with his Blood Angels and most importantly see who gets crowned the Wobbly Sausage.