Hall of Fame: Fantasy Battle Ikit Klaw

“We can rebuild him, make him faster, stronger better. We have the technology. Also, squeak.”

Hello again everyone and welcome back to our on-again-off-again Hall Of Fame series. Something a little left-field for my Warhammer Fantasy choice this time – as you probably already know, I have a lot of time for all things Dark Elf and to an extent Wood and High as well. Owning 5k of Dark Elves as I do, you might expect me to choose something from that range as my personal favourite Fantasy model.

But no.

Instead, I’ve gone for a character that I’ve always loved, from his first appearance in what may have been my favourite Warhammer Army book, lovingly sculpted by Jes Goodwin, right up to his more recent Steam-punk riddled incarnation. He is, for me, the perfect example of everything Fantasy used to be – swords, sorcery, steam-punk technology, savage intelligence and fuck-off big weapons.

Ladies and gentlemen. The one, the only, the bionic brainbox, the warpstone powered warrior, the Fire from Skyre, the Verminator Terminator……

Ikit claw – Skaven Awesomeness

Doctor Ikit Claw, professor of engineering and fucking your day up all day long.


Just take a second to drink in that magnificent bastard. Go on, I’ll put the kettle on.

Glorious isn’t he? Let’s break it down – it’s a man-sized rat, wearing steampunk inspired power armour and an exo-skeleton powered by actual physical chunks of coalesced evil, with a quite-frankly ridiculously big glaive and a steampunk powerfist. With a flamer in it. Goddamn glorious.

You want magic? Son, he’s got that locked down and he’s also stabbing you with it. Combat prowess? Klaw can bench like 3 Hellpit Abominations and still rip your thesis to pieces. Firepower? Firefist. How’d you like them apples? Toasted and vaguely rat-like I hope.

It’s to my eternal shame that I have never painted a Skaven character, despite them being in my opinion some of the best that GW have ever released. And crowning that shame is Ikit. That is a damn-near perfect model, just fizzing with the weird swords and sorcery and steampunk mashup that typifies Fantasy. And even though I don’t hate myself enough to do a Skaven army, by all the gods one day I will own and paint this model.

Ikit Klaw. What a man.



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