Hall of Fame – Specialist Games: Robin’s Choice

Hi all, Robin here with my choice for The Warbastards’ Hall of Fame.  I thought I’d start with my selection for Specialist Games rather than one of the core games because this is the choice that has turned me inside out trying to think of the single miniature that I love above all others.  It’s probably best if I give you a breakdown of my thought process so you can see how I’ve got to where I’ve got.  First off, I immediately thought that my choice had to be a miniature that I own and have painted, now I love the range of specialist games and have played all of them, from Epic to Inquisitor, so I had quite a large choice of miniatures to select from, my first choice was Artemis, the 54mill scale Space Marine for Inquisitor.  And I was all set to spaff off a load of frothing hobby-jizz about how much I freaking love this mini and how it was such an inspiring model that captures the power and awe of the Adeptus Astartes in full sprint, blah blah blah… but, a thought occurred to me.  My marine is converted, and while as you can see he is still in essence the same miniature, he is not Brother-Captain Artemis of the Deathwatch,

He is Brother-Sergeant Tourouke of the Inferno Lords.


So I added to my restrictions, it had to be a model that I owned had painted, but had not converted.  Oh dear, this then became rather more difficult. And my thoughts went like this,  The Elf Ranger from Warhammer quest: Converted, The Trollslayer from Warhammer Quest: Not painted, every Necromunda mini I have ever had: Converted and/or not painted, but mostly converted, my Orc Bloodbowl team: All converted, My human Bloodbowl team: not painted.  Shit, this was getting silly.  Every time I came up with a Specialist games miniature that I love, I came up against the same issue, I had taken the awesome mini that I loved and converted them to make them my own.  As is the essence of Specialist games for me, it’s that personalisation, every warband, gang, team of whatever had been extensively customised taking them away from the mini that they originally were.

Then it struck me, I had a mini in my collection that I loved, owned, had painted and had not converted.  That mini is Aenur. the Sword of Twilight from Mordheim.

I painted him up some years ago for a painting competition not long after the model was released, and yes, I do have other’s that I have converted, but I have always loved this miniature for its simplicity, I love the idea of a wandering elven swordsman, and that most of this guy is covered by his cloak, but the gap that is open is so full of detail that it totally makes up for that, it hints at the master-crafted armour worn by Anure, and there’s loads of tiny details like the straps holding his bracier in place, and the sword belt with the hilt of a dagger peeking out from under a fold in his cloak.

So yeah, there are Specialist Game miniatures that I like more, and I feel are more evocative of their individual game-worlds.  But the simple fact that I love this one so much that contrary to my nature, I painted it up without changing it at all and just love it for itself more than qualifies it for a place in the Hall of Fame.

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