Hall of Fame: Martin’s Choice: Ezekiel

SOooo Hall of Fame, I’ve been putting off writing this article for a few weeks, since Dave wrote his piece on Saint Celestine. My problem was choosing my ‘favourite model of all time’.

I knew it had to be a marine, there was no getting away from it. Marines are what got me into the hobby in the first place, they’re iconic of the Warhammer 40,999 universe – almost everyone has made a marine army.

So which Marine do I pick? Well you know, you’ve read the title, but I gave it some real thought. I wanted it to be an ‘older’ miniature, from when I first got into the hobby, the newer models are of course superior in almost every respect but they don’t have the age and history-clout to be hall of fame worthy.

I wanted it to be a Goodwin model, his pieces are all evocative of the universe in which they’re set, I hold him in very high regard, for many the same reasons as I venerate Blanche – he’s helped build a universe that I love.

So I flicked between a few minis, Tycho deserves an honourable mention but I landed on Ezekiel of the Dark Angels.

He’s evocative of both the era, the universe and his chapter. Dark, Gothic and with a bionic eye. Boom, all boxes ticked. So all-mighty internet, I present to you my induction into the Paintwater Diaries Warhammer 40k Hall of Fame, my only regret is I don’t have a version of him painted by me :(.

Ezekiel by Razza



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