First Look: Dream Forge Stormtroopers

Two friends and I pledged money into the Dream Forge Games Kickstarter what feels like a lifetime ago. Well, the Storm Trooper miniatures arived this morning and all I can say is ‘Holy-shit-balls! I wish I had pledged more!’ I’ve been collecting, painting and gaming with miniatures for over twenty years now and I must say that I was more excited than I have been in years when I got the call from my buddy who this stuff had been shipped to. I play predominately with Games Workshop miniatures and these babies for my money are far superior. Particularly when you look at the price tag atatched to the kits produced by Wargames Factory (who will be producing these) which is around the $20.00 mark.

The three of us opted for the same options which was the 20-man Eisenkern Stormtrooper box, the Stormtrooper Accessory set and as a bonus for pledging into the Kickstarter we each received an additional ‘Ada’ female sniper trooper.

First look at the Eisenkern Stormtroopers…

Immediately upon opening the Stormtrooper box, I was blown away by the sprues, densely packed rows of beautifully sculpted miniature components greeted my eager eyes. The Sprues are so well moulded that they have virtually no flash whatsoever, and the miniatures themselves have an astounding level of detail. The box contains four five-man fire-teams and comes with an additional sprue containing a selection of alternative weapons including SMGs and RPGs.

The Accessory set contains an absolutely overwhelming amount of extras. So many in fact that it’s difficult at first to take in the staggering array of utility packs, ammo pouches, grenades, knives, pistols, alternative heads/hands/guns blah blah blah…

One of the coolest additional things in the Accessory set is what Dreamforge have called their ‘Mules’ these are four-legged automated mechanical beast of burden. I guess they are supposed to be used to lug extra ammo/injured troopers or whatever, possibly the rest of the Dreamfoge miniatures I’m gonna be ordering as soon as they’re available!

I don’t wanna go on too much about the Sniper trooper I mentioned above as my understanding is that she would be a bonus exclusive for the Kickstarter so if you don’t have one now, you’re shit outta luck, but she is such a beautiful mini I couldn’t not giver her a mention. From what I understand of the fluff behind her she’s armed with a sort of anti-tank rail-rifle for maximum pew-pew goodness. Anyway she’s lush and I have a total geek-crush on her, I just wish I had a couple of them as I want to convert her but I daren’t.

Anyway, this range is one of the finest things I’ve had my grubby mitts on in a while and I’m really looking forward to getting some of them put together and painted. Check out the Dreamforge-Games section of the Wargames Factory site for some of the other bits they’re producing, they’ve done some support weapons and of course a massive Mech/Titan/Robot, which if you haven’t seen yet, you need to get your eyes round.

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