February Monthly Roundup

February has been an exciting month for the hobby, we’ve seen the long-rumoured Knight kit materialise, and we’re starting to see some Chaos Marine pictures show up (keep an eye on our Twitter feed). On PWD we’ve also covered Dan Abnett writing for the Alien Franchise, Robin unboxing the Anvil Industries Kickstarter and our usual level of rants!

This Month On Paintwater Diaries

The Black Library – have any book you want, as long as it comes in Marine….

Dave shakes his hate stick at the Black Library and their recent lack of flair. That is unless you like reading about Marine’s shooting stuff.

An Idiots Guide To Writing Fluff: Part III

James continues his guide to writing fluff, this time he explores perspective.

On White Dwarf: What’s The Problem With A Sentence Or Two?

Tybalt takes a look at the new format White Dwarf and doesn’t like what he sees. Cue harking back to the Glory Days of White Dwarf. A good read for any veteran GW hobbyist.


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