Creative Assembly Acquire Warhammer Video Game Licence

My foray into the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battle didn’t start until quite late in my wargaming career, I always liked the concepts, but never found an army where I really liked the models. However my childhood was full of the two video game versions Shadow of the Horned Rat and Dark Omen, particularly the latter which I played through on multiple times and loved every second of it. I even tried to enjoy Warhammer: Mark of Chaos, but I just couldn’t no matter how hard I tried.

So imagine my excitement when I discover Creative Assembly have acquired the rights to make a new Warhammer Fantasy game! Now for those of you who don’t know, Creative Assembly make the Total War series of games, which have been without fail, fantastic strategy games. I was always particularly fond of Rome: Total War which as you might except saw you control the Roman Legions as they conquered their way around Europe, eating up hours and hours of my life along the way. This combined with Warhammer can only be a good thing, I’m preparing to cut chunks of my life out to make time for it already.

Details of the new title are sketchy at the moment, as it’s still early days in the development cycle, but what we do know is Creative Assembly have put together a new team to produce the game, above and beyond that we know very little. I’ll be keeping an eye on the development as it ramps up and be featuring it regularly on here.

In the meantime PC Gamer (who have a particular fondness for the Warhammer universes) have speculated on the possible features and focus of ‘Total War: Warhammer’.

When it comes to depicting clashes between thousands of men, the Total War series has few rivals. The Creative Assembly have steadily increased the detail and fidelity of Total War’s skirmishes, and for Rome 2 they’ve built a massive mo-cap studio to make soldiers’ movements more realistic. This makes them a perfect fit for Warhammer, which has always been about massive battles with massive units massively killing each other without remorse or restraint. – PC Gamer

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