Changing to Infinity


Hello dear reader, Robin here with a message of hope from the shiny brightness of the near future. As you may be aware, there has been a bit of a revolution here at Warbasterds HQ recently, with most of the team delving into the neon draped world of Infinity, Corvus Belli’s near-future skirmish table-topper.

Love of the Skirmish

I’ve mentioned this before, but I am a big fan of skirmish level games, having spent a lot of time playing games like Necromunda, Blood Bowl, Mordheim etc. I really enjoy the tactical game on the individual fighter level, so making the step over to Infinity seemed like an easy transition.
My journey into Infinity started some time ago, as Dave and I both decided to give it a go so I had a look into the factions to see what was available, and what I liked the look of. I settled on Haqqislam primarily on two factors, firstly, their starter box had a really cool mix of minis, all of which I liked the look of, particular favourites were the bad-ass looking Janissary, who looks like Iron-Man with a rifle and sword, and their basic troops, the Ghulam army, which have a great near-future military feel to them and one of them looks like Solid Snake, so what’s not to like!?

Jumping In

Anyway, that’s where my involvement with Infinity stayed for over a year. I put the starter box together, and they sat on the desk in my Man-cave gathering dust as I continued with my love-hate relationship with Games Workshop. Over that time, like many in our hobby community, I have become more and more disillusioned with the direction Gee-Dubz have been heading, with their spiralling prices, a continued lack of focus on the rules and their apparent contempt for their own customers, I’m a firm believer in voting with my feet, so chatting to the other guys we decided that it was time for a change.


So here I am, facing a bright new future, full of enthusiasm and fully re-vitalised in my love for ‘The Hobby’ which suddenly seems to be a much bigger, more exciting entity than it did previously. So what does this exciting future hold I hear you ask? Well, I have yet to start painting my Haqqislam force, so you can expect an update on that, and I have also made significant investment in furnishing a suitable urban table top environment for us to do battle over. Which I will be supplying updates for as well, so a lot to look forward to.

I’ll sign off for now, but if you’ve tried Infinity, or if you’ve made a big switch to another game system, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Big fat hobby-love,