Can we save Bretonnia?

BretoniaInspired by a post on Warseer me and Dave set out talking about what we’d do to make Bretonians cooler. We didn’t think that they’re too bad as is, but just didn’t have enough ‘direction’.

There are some good ideas in the thread some of my preferred ones include:

  • Bards – Give units they join +1 to hit in close combat, or a reroll
  • Dishonoured Knights – No blessings, gain hatred. “Because they were stripped from titles and rights they wander through Bretonnia seeking chance to prove themselves worthy. Because they don’t have titles they shouldn’t have crest on barding and because they travel a lot they should have bags strapped to horses.”

After some back and forth I found I wanted them to fit a little like Sisters of Battle do in 40k – they’re the army of faith, the holy crusaders but that’s not reflected in the game.  Possibly something like the Faith Points could work, or a ‘Tally’ similar to Epidemus from the Chaos Daemon army.  But then another idea! Jousts!

So there in lies my contribution to the debate. Tradition of the Joust. Similar to the Chaos Warrior must-challenge rule, this applies only to mounted characters and Grail Knights – when able they must challenge another mounted character. Successful challenges grant them blessing from the Lady.

Blessings Of The Lady

Roll 2D6 and consult the table below:
2. Sin of Vanity
The knight’s arrogance and boasting has gone too far, he’s lost the respect of the peasants. The knight must take a Leadership on his unmodified Leadership value – no rerolls are allowed. If passed the Knight suffers a ‘Rapier Quip’ result, if failed the knight instead suffers a ‘Forsaken by the Lady’ result.

  • Rapier Quip: During a particularly boastful monologue one of the lowly men at arms shout a particularly cutting remark, suitably embarrassed the knight suffers from stupidity for the remainder of the battle while he tries to think of a scathing retort.
  • Forsaken by the Lady: Abandoned by the Lady the knight suffers a -1Ld penalty for the battle and may not use the general’s inspiring presence.

3. Thundering Charge: The knight adds an additional +1 S on the turn he charges, this stacks with lances.
4. Sense of Duty: The knight increases his Toughness by 1.
5. Armour of Faith: The knight adds an additional +1 Armour
6. Chosen Champion:  The knight gains +1 WS
7. Luck of the Lady:  Re-roll one failed roll
8. Grace of the Lake: +1 Initiative
9. Fury of Faith +1 Attack
10. Strength in Faith +1 Strength
11.  Glamour of the Lady: 6+ Ward (or +1 to existing ward)
12. Embodiment of Virtue: Take Ld yes if passed the character gains the Stubborn special rule,  the model is replaced with an Avatar of the Lady (use the Green Knight rules)


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