Building the Unkillable: an exercise in Iron Hand HQs

The new space marine codex has dropped (click here to read what I thought about it in more detail) and Iron Hands (as well as everyone else) got some new toys to play with.

Putting aside the Centurions and the new vehicles, as I am undecided on them – from a fluff perspective I dislike centurions but maybe they could make some cool combat servitors or similar.


The Unkillable Man

Today I want to explore HQs and the new chapter relics, particularly I want to build an unkillable character to lean my Iron Hands Clan.

So candidates? Really there is one that stands out here – The Chapter Master. With 4 wounds and the option for artificer or terminator armour no other HQ will be as resilient. To make him even tougher there is the option for a bike – but I don’t want to include bikes in my Iron Hand clan so that out – even with the +1 to toughness.

Onto Chapter Relics, now these I really like. Everyone is flavourful and I can see them adding a lot of character to peoples HQ choices. For the purposes of this exercise however we’re looking for toughness so there are two options. The Armour Indomitable or the Eternal shield.

Eternal shield is the winner, 3++ save with eternal warrior when combined with 2+ armour save from terminator or artificer armour is tough. Then when you add on the Iron Hand Feel No Pain and It Will Not Die you’ve got a character that can really take a beating. 2+ armour, 3+ invulnerable, Feel No Pain, It Will Not Die – gross.

With the Eternal Shield that takes up one of the weapon slots allowing us to use one more weapon – he already comes with a power weapon, but with resilience like this character a Thunder Hammer will go down well – striking at initiative 1 is no big deal when you’re shrugging off most damage! Plus the hammer suits the Iron Hands quite well.

You may notice the character has no shooting, so lets give him an Auspex. Chapter Masters come with Orbital Bombardment, so when he isn’t dropping Atomic-Laser-Wrath from above he can buff the shooting of other units.

The Model

Based on FW’s Abaddon – I’m almost done with him. I’ve decided to not actually model a shield and rather have his artificer terminator armour and extensive bionics count as the ‘shield’. A few servo skulls going ‘biddily biddily’ around him and I’ll be happy with him.


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