Bloodbowl: Alternative Miniatures

The Ogre for my Team

Just a quick one today. Within our hobby group we can be a little faddy, in that we flit between multiple systems and games. You can see from looking at this site that we jump around a bit, look at the hobby magpie articles, or our I28 campaigns. We’ve played Necromunda, Mordheim and soon… Blood Bowl.

So at the time of writing this we’re all in the process of building out teams, and we picked a great time to do it! Just after GW stopped selling the majority of the range! YEAH! Oh no wait, no. That’s bad.

Some of us were lucky enough to have teams from way back when, I however was not. As such I put my internet feelers out to find alternative models. Below are the companies that my feelers grabbed onto.

Now these are purely what I found, I ended up going for a Human Team I found on ebay, with a third party ogre.

Greebo Miniatures

Gaspez Arts

Impact Miniatures


Meiko Miniatures


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