Blood Bowl: The Plan

Okay sports fans, listen up, it’s Big Papa-Robin here! Self appointed league Commissioner for the Warbastards. Normally when we start a new side-project away from our hobby bread & butter of Warhammer 40k & Fantasy, we don’t get everyone’s buy-in as some of the guys have somewhat more restrictive real-lives and cant make it along to our regular Wednesday ‘Man-night’, or just arent into the whole Necroheim / Inquisigothic thing. However, one of GW’s specialist games stands apart, the mighty BLOOD BOWL! Everyone loves Blood bowl, and I do mean everyone… My two-month-old son loves Blood bowl, my Nan loves Blood bowl, the sofa I’m currently sitting on loves Blood bowl… Okay that may be a slight exaggeration, my Nan is more into UFC, but I digress.

We’ve all been getting pretty excited recently when the idea of running our very own Blood bowl league started getting batted about. This particular seed was sewn back when the Six Nations was on, and was originally envisaged as a league for six human teams, each themed after an Empire province and in their colours, however not everyone was into this idea and it was decided that it’s better to have six happy head coaches, rather three happy head coaches, and three miserable gits! Ahem…


So anyway, the fixtures for this seasons action have all been worked out. We’ll have five rounds of hard and fast blood bowl action to establish the half season scores. Home pitch advantage goes to the first team named in each list and once the first five rounds are played and all six teams have played each other once, we’ll play the return leg where the home advantage goes the other way around. For example the Smashtooth Jobbers will be hosting the Ostland Bulls in the first round, so they’re gonna be trekking all the way to Ostland for the sixth round, so by the end of the league we’ll have played ten rounds and everyone will have played each other twice. Here’s the breakdown of the matches:

Round 1

Wiesburg Stakers vs Ashmantle Reavers
Smashtooth Jobbers vs Ostland Bulls
Avelorn Eagles vs Avaheim Deluxe

Round 2

Ostland Bulls vs Wiesburg Stakers
Avaheim Deluxe vs Ashmantle Reavers
Avelorn Eagles vs Smashtooth Jobbers

Round 3

Wiesburg Stakers vs Avaheim Deluxe
Ostland Bulls vs Avelorn Eagles
Ashmantle Reavers vs Smashtooth Jobbers

Round 4

Avelorn Eagles vs Wiesburg Stakers
Smashtooth Jobbers vs Avaheim Deluxe
Ashmantle Reavers vs Ostland Bulls

Round 5

Wiesburg Stakers vs Smashtooth Jobbers
Avelorn Eagles vs Ashmantle Reavers
Avaheim Deluxe vs Ostland Bulls

Teams with the home pitch advantage, will receive an extra team re-roll representing the boost in confidence for playing at home. Each team will be awarded the following league points based on the result of the match, 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss. At the end of all ten rounds, the team with the highest score is the winner, in the case of a draw on points it’ll go down to the highest number of touchdowns over the course of the competition. The winner will also receive some cool shit too, but I haven’t decided what that’ll be yet!

That’s it from me, we’ll have updates and all that jazz once the acton starts, and if you’re good I’ll even share some awesomeness from Papa-Robin’s Magic Playbook.

Who.s Who

In case you are interested, the team breakdowns go like this:
Duncan – Wiesburg Stakers – Humans
James – Smashtooth Jobbers – Goblins
Jason – Avelorn Eagles – High Elves
Martin – Avaheim Deluxe – Humans
Dave – Ashmantle Reavers – Dark Elves
Robin – Ostland Bulls – Humans

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