Blood Bowl: Dark Elves

Ah hobby, what a fickle mistress you are.

Inspired by the Six Nations earlier this year and the current Lions tour down-under, we in the Warbastards have decided to start a small Blood Bowl tourney later this year in the style of the Six Nations – luckily enough there are 6 of us so arranging fixtures will be easy enough.

Blood Bowl is easily my joint favourite game that Games Workshop has ever produced (up there with Inquisitor) so it’s great to be doing something for it again. Historically I have had quite a few teams – Skaven first, followed by Chaos, then two Dark Elf teams in quick sucession before a brief dalliance with a Necromantic team. However, it’s always been Dark Elves that I’ve enjoyed the most. Back in the day in Cardiff, my teams The Arkham Asylum Inmates First XI and Dr Caligari’s Cunning Carnival Of Pain (yes, the Arkham team were all named after Marvel and DC villains and Dr Caligari’s were all named after horror villains) were often found at the tops of leagues until the joy of Blood Bowl ran out.

Now, it’s been a good few years since we last all played and everyone is taking the chance to do up a new team – I’m taking the chance to revisit my true love, the Druchii. Those of you who have seen my High House Of Chains plog will know how much I love Dark Elves in general, and that’s no different in Blood Bowl. I’ve wanted to use the awesome Dark Eldar range to make a BB team for a while now and with the imminent end of my Astartes plog coming up, now is the time.

So, the plan is simple – here’s the starting team I’ve gone for:
3 x Blitzers
1 x Runner
7 x Line-elf
2 x Re-roll
3 x Fan Factor

Pretty standard to be honest. I would have liked to have got an extra body in there just in case, but that would have meant only 1 re-roll and 1 fan-factor – seeing as Dark Elf re-rolls are so cheap to start with, getting two seemed like a plan. I will be making a full 16 man team, so will be assembling an extra Blitzer, a Witch Elf and 3 more Line-elves eventually.

In terms of the models themselves, I’m trying to go purely Dark Eldar – Wyches are the main base, with Kabalite bits and pieces here and there. Blitzers get Kabalite torsos and whatever cool helms I can find, line-elves get Wych torsos and legs with Kabalite helms as well. Everyone gets Wych arms. Nice and simple.

So, in terms of the minis, here we are:

These are the starting seven Line-elves – Wych legs, torsos and arms, Kabalite heads. Some nice movement in there and they don’t look too 40k. I’ve popped a couple of female torsos in there for variation, I can’t see every female Dark Elf player being a Witch Elf. I might go back and trim off the spikes on top of three of the helms, bring the profile down a bit and make them a bit more Druchii-like. Aside from that, and a bit of gs needed on the buttocks, they are good to go.

The specialists. The three starting blitzers first – hard to make out but the one on the left has the finecast Archons helm with the horns trimmed off. I want each of the four blitzers to have different helms, just so they look individual and cool. The blitzer in the middle is the only player not in a running pose – I want to emphasise the speed and running game of the Dark Elves so pretty much everyone apart from this chap will be running – this guy likes to think he is the team captain and thus pulls a cool ‘leadership’ pose whenever he can.

The second pic has my runner – went for the scarred head on him as I imagine he takes the most knocks out of the whole team. The Hellion torso also helps make him stand out against the line-elves, he looks noticeably lighter armoured and more nippy. The Witch Elf was me getting carried away a bit, she’s not in the starting team but will appear at some point hopefully. The brazier will be one of many tokens for turn counter, re-rolls and scores – I’ll do about three or four of those.

Over the last few days I sorted out the remaining players from the full 16. After a pre-season friendly (more on that later) I immediately decided that I needed a second Runner – so as well as the last Blitzer that left 2 more Line-elves to make. C’est la:

New Runner on the left, female Blitzer next then the two Line-elves. I’m very happy with the Runner and first Line-man, but I think I trimmed her neck down a bit too much. Ah well. Now that all 16 are assembled, I can get cracking on a little GS covering-up and sanding the bases before they get undercoated. Also gives me some time to chose a colour scheme.

On the subject of the pre-season friendly, the Ashmantle Reavers visited the Ostland Bulls, coached by Macloren of the Warbastards on Thursday. It was a fine game, full of top-drawer Blood Bowl action – last minute touchdown saving tackles, long passes to score from nowhere, quick passes dropped by catchers and a good scoreline. As a plus, the Reavers won 4-2, but did take a little beating in the last 2 or three turns, with 3 casualties inflicted by the burly mon-keigh. With every other member of the Warbastards in the process of sorting their teams out, there will doubtless be a few more friendlies soon, I’ll let you know how they go.

I’ve got a Urien Rakarth en route to act as the Head Coach and ‘apothecary’ for the team, so once he arrives I can GS the team, get the bases sanded and get them undercoated. Now, only need to think about a colour scheme for them…..

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