Blood Angel Heresy Challenge – The Fall of Seraph


Well hello there one and all, and welcome to my entry for PWD’s Tale Of Many Basterds – the tragic and glorious Ninth Legion. The Blood Angels. I’ve already touched on my starting point for the Angels in 30k, my resistance crumbling after months of stoic refusal. And hopefully many of you will have been following The Fall as it unfolds on my project thread on Bolter & Chainsword, so I won’t go into the story behind my army too much here. What I will do though, is talk through what I’ve chosen to get completed for the Tale, where I stand at the moment and what needs to be done still. 2000pts of Angels, by September? Game on.

Out- out are the lights- out all! And, over each quivering form, The curtain, a funeral pall, Comes down with the rush of a storm, While the angels, all pallid and wan, Uprising, unveiling, affirm That the play is the tragedy, “Man,” And its hero the Conqueror Worm.”

Fragment from the lost Pre-Unification works of Edal Len’Po, circa late M1.

So, a quick look at the list then. Here’s a rough guide to what makes it into my Ninth Legion:

  • Khitas Vale, Third Consul and Company Champion
  • Bastian Ortega, once-Librarian
  • The Angel of Lamentation, Moritat Consul
  • The Blooded, 10 Legion Veterans
  • The Lament, 5 Legion Destroyers
  • Leopard-9 Tactical, 15 Tactical Legionaries
  • Leopard-5 Assault, 10 Assault Legionaries
  • The Ophanim, 10 Breacher Legionaries
  • Scorpion-8, 5 Sky-hunter Legionaries
  • …and something special which I don’t want to mention yet, as it will spoil the surprise for those of you following the story of Seraph. With the various bits of wargear and a smattering of power weapons, that takes me to 2000pts on the nose, and will nicely mark the end of Seraph and this project.

“Betrayal. Resentment. Arrogance. These were the wounds that killed the Imperial Truth. Mankind at its very worst, the self-devouring worm, rancid in its own desire to consume at the expense of everything else. Is it any wonder we slipped from grace so easily? This is our legacy.”

From Lessons We Should Learn, outlawed text published in the years following the Siege.

Queller Hirraupt of the Remembrancer order

Right then, where do we stand so far?

Well, it’s a pretty damn decent start. To date, all the following are painted:

  • Leopard-5
  • Leopard-9
  • Scorpion-8
  • Bastian Ortega
  • 5 of the Ophanim
  • 5 of the Blooded.


That’s 36 Astartes and 5 Scimitars all done, leaving only another 17 to paint. A damn fine chunk already done and dusted. Points wise…..meh, not so much. Going more for what looks good rather than is good in game means my squads are possibly under-geared and err on the cheap side. So out of the 2k, I’ve only got about 1250 painted.

But who cares? Look how beautiful they are. That’s the main thing. That and the tragic story behind the brave but ultimately doomed Angels of Seraph.

Game-wise, the unit to really look out for is the Veterans. Consistently my MVP, they throw out a sickening number of attacks in combat and rapid-firing 20 Sniper bolter shots has ruined the day of many a Cataphractii. My Consul, Khitas Vale, also has a habit of sacrificing himself like a boss to take down a Cataphractii-clad Traitor Consul as well, which is awesome and entirely fitting.

That’s the joy of doing an army of dead men – it doesn’t matter when they die.

In terms of what I’m currently working on, well here’s the painting-in-progress:


And here’s the recent assembly:


I also have the Moritat and Consul undercoated and ready to go.

Anyways, enough rambling. That’s the Angels of Seraph, my entry for the Tale of Many Basterds. Die well, Seraph. Die well.

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