Blanchitsu’s Kitbash Corner: Killteam, Inq28 & Necromunda

Welcome acolytes of kitbash corner, gather round for another instalment of awesome models which ooze the character of the warhammer universes.

This time, following the release of kill-team we’re looking at models with an Inquisition or Necromunda bent, stay a while and have a look…

Many of these conversions can be found on Hive Primus’ Facebook page, I heartily recommend you give it a look. ¬†And so to the models (credit where we have it, if you know the artist please stick it in the comments below and we’ll adjust the article.)


Have you got some awesome conversions you’re proud of and you’d like to see featured on PWD? Perhaps you’ve found an awesome blog somewhere and want to get the word out? Let us know by contacting us on social media by using the buttons to the right!


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