Blanchitsu is dead: Long live Kitbash Corner

After the White Dwarf redesign, the one redeeming feature (aside from the new design – I can’t fault that, it’s the content that lets it down) was Blanchitsu. For those that are unaware Blanchitsu was a regular feature where miniatures were showcased, often these would be extensive conversions by John Blanche or other modellers with a similar esoteric style. And they were pretty damn cool.

Anyway, like all good things with Games Workshop it has come to an end (so I’ve heard – certainly there is no Blanchisu in the latest White Dwarf). So I’ve decided to bring something similar to Paintwater, I will throughout my travels around the internet endeavour to save to coolest looking miniature conversions and showcase them here. This time round I’ve  posted some from my inspiration folder, sadly I’ve lost all the authors details, so if you know any please post in the comments so I can ensure they’re properly credited.

Annnd lastly, got a cool conversion? Want to show it off? Post them to our facebook or twitter or somewhere and we’ll include the coolest!








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