Avatars of War Corruptors of the Apocalypse Review

In February I made a trip to Cardiff in Wales for numerous reasons, one of which was to visit the excellent Firestorm Games. After spending the best part of an hour browsing their selection and having recently discovered I could do with some more points of core troops in my Chaos Warrior army I decided to grab a box of the Avatars of War Corruptors of the Apocalypse.

Putting aside the looks of the kit, as that’s pretty subjective. I think they’re good – you might not each to their own.

The Good

  • The Price: Where this set really excels, around £30 for 24 models and a character (£1.15ish a model) – very reasonable when stacked up against Games Workshop’s Chaos Warrior (£1.66 a model).
  • Packaging: They come in was is essentially an old VHS case. What I really liked is the lack of sprue. All the models come in small baggies already clipped off – awesome.

The Bad

  • The Scale: This is a small point, nothing major but Avatars of War seem to have wonky scale across the range. I’d hoped that like the other models (the characters) I’ve had in the past that they would be a bit on the large side. Sadly they’re a bit small, especially when compared to my converted Chaos Warriors I finished as part of my January Painting Oath.

Size Comparison

  • Ranking: Getting the models to rank up is a pain in the ass. But this is something that I’ve found with some of the GW kits too, so you can’t hold it against them.

The Ugly

This guy:
Gribble Face
Annnd the Avatars of War pictures. Frankly they suck, I was in two minds about buying the kit because the picture of the kit are so bad on their website, but I took a gamble and it paid off. Just makes you wonder how many people were put off and didn’t decide to take the risk.


Nice kit. 6.5/10. Got my eye on the Lord of Torment next I think.


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