Arcane Miniatures: A Review


I’ve found a brilliant new online store with brilliant service and excellent delivery times… I would like to be saying. Alas, we have another tale of online miniature shopping woe.

A bit of mis-direction there dead internet, hold onto your butts.

This all happened a month or so ago, when the Paintwater Diaries crew was getting involved with Infinity. I’d written a Nomads list and added the majority of the list to my cart on Firestorm games, but a few items were on back order. So off to Google I go. I scoped out a few online retailers, and low and behold Arcane miniatures came up.

The website looks slick, the prices are pretty good and the stock levels are all indicated online – and they have the bits in stock that Firestorm don’t. Great right? I’ll place an order… well there dear internet is my first mistake.

Long story short, lesson learned: Google the new shop name + “review”. I will get to this in a moment.

Lesson Learned

Items ordered, I sat back with the warm fuzzy glow that comes with ordering some cool new models.

A few days pass and I don’t get any update on dispatch. So I shoot an email across to Arcane Miniatures, and receive a pretty speedy response. It’s not great news, my items haven’t even been picked yet, a little annoying seeing as the whole point of ordering from them was to get the models quickly. But alas, a speedy response bodes well.

Another few days and I get a dispatch notice, cool, my models are on the way, and they arrive pretty quickly… at least some do. Approximately 60% of my order turns up. My order has been split. I fire off another email to find out what the delay is on the other items, apparently they were dispatched at the same time. So you’d expect them to arrive at the same time -fast forward a few days and these items don’t show up.

Other people are angry on the internet!

I decide to give ‘Arcane Miniatures Review’ a google, and well… I’ll let some of the results speak for themselves below:

I’ve order a few times with them. Time before last it didn’t show up they resent. Time after that they didn’t reply to any emails and I had to open a PayPal dispute.


Seems like I’ve made a big mistake ordering from them. Ordered a week ago with all items being in stock (they still are) and paid for a courier delivery for the order to arrive faster. Since then no updates, no communication of any kind. They didn’t respond to the website form query, no response to email either. Their phone seems to be disconnected (the message I get indicates that). I think next week I’ll talk to PayPal about rolling back the payment.

On 16 April I ordered the Ax Faction model of the Druid’s Daughter from Arcane Miniatures. No problem as it was in stock and could be delivered with free P&P. However it did not arrive.

Emails were exchanged. I was told to wait 15 days, but still nothing arrived. I asked for a replacement. A package was dispatched to me by recorded post. On arrival it was found to contain the wrong figure – Feral Lass.

Now, I accept that mistakes do happen, but after this normal customer service completely collapsed. I emailed the company pointing out the error and said that I would return the model by signed for post. With no response, I mailed the item back anyway by signed for post asking for the correct one and the refund of my postage. I checked with the Post Office and my package arrived safely back at Arcane Miniatures.

However despite many emails from me, I have neither received my model or any further communication from this business. I eventually had to claim and today received a refund of the initial cost from PayPal, but not the return postage I paid.

Urgh. I have learned now, google for reviews when trying a new online store.

Almost a full month later I get the second half of my order – items there were in stock and ‘ready for dispatch’. In this time I’d had two separate orders placed and delivered from Firestorm, including some items that were out of stock, and the same for the Trolltrader.

Good job Arcane Miniatures, you suck.

TL,DR: Don’t shop at Arcane Miniatures, they’re about as useful as a bucket of smashed crabs.


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