Anvil Industries Afterlife: Pan Continental Republic Unboxing

Hi Again chaps, and to avoid gender stereotyping, chapesses. Robin back with the second half of my Afterlife review. This time looking at the Pan-Continental Republic, which is the other faction in Afterlife. From what Joel at Anvil has said the two factions will be just the start and there certainly is scope for more groups to surface, the background booklet which came with the Kickstarter stuff makes reference to a group of terrorists/freedom fighters (depending of your viewpoint) which could make an appearance on the table top. The other thing which is apparent from reading the background is that there are no obvious ‘goodies’ in the game world.

Both the Unity Council and the Republic appear to be let by ruthless, driven individuals, the difference being that the Republic leadership are at least starting to make things better for their people and at this point aren’t guilty of hundreds of years of oppression and brutality! They do still however have the same ruling elite who live in the lap of luxury, and are completely unwilling to give up the perks of being an ‘Up-worlder’ in order to balance the wealth in the fledgling Republic.

Anyway, enough of all that. You what to see some toy soldiers don’t you? You little hobby minx you! Well who am I to stand in the way of you and your resin-fix?

Pan Continental Republic

Anvil Industries Afterlife Grenadiers

I really like these guys, they have a bit more of a ragtag feel to them, the troopers have a look, and the ‘Raider’ Exo-mechs have a different look, which is quite fitting for the background of the Republic which is made up of groups from many different backgrounds.

The PCR Grenadiers are awesome, by far my favourite minis in the range. They have a cool Spec-ops/Swat/SAS vibe about them, so I’m gonna paint em black, thus making them look even more badass, yeah!!!

Apart from their general look of awesomeness, they have the coolest gun. Each Grenadier is armed with an automatic grenade launcher with an underslung assault rifle! Now I’m not a massive gun nut and I don’t know if it’s based on an IRL firearm, but if that shit doesn’t really exist, then someone needs to get on that for maximum ‘BOOM-BOOM-DAKKA’

Ahem, sorry. As I said I really like these guys. As with the UC Marines, the Grenadiers have their basic troopers, a Sergeant (who you can see front left on the above picture), and two specialists, the first of which is a Medic and finally a recon specialist with a pair of Binos:


The Republics’ answer to the UC’s powerful ‘Ajax’ Exo-mechs is to retro-fit industrial suits with heavy weaponry. So they have a less powerful, but more numerous option which helps emphasize the PCR’s industrial background:

Exo Mechs


I’m looking forward to getting some paint on these guys. I think I’ll be painting them up in JCB yellow, all dinged up maybe with a touch of hazard warning stripes.

So that’s everything I got in my Kickstarter set. The only thing I didn’t go for is the PCR ‘Torus’ mobile gun platform thingies, which I am currently regretting if I’m honest. Grrrrrr! Silly Robin, should have spent more money!!

Awesome right?

Wrapping Up

That’s the first phase of Anvil’s Kickstarter done, I’m just waiting for the second phase extras coming my way, which apart form more new toys, (which I’ll share as soon as I get them) also includes access to the beta rule setts. I shall let you all know what I think once I have these and the other Warbastards and I have had a chance to play test them. Fingers crossed I’ll have my first lot of minis painted too, so I’ll share these with you lovely people then.

Until then my painty-fingered friends.

Big Pappa-Robin.

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