Angron armour painting guide & PWD take a holiday

Afternoon, chums. I mean chum as in the bait you throw to sharks and not chum as in buddy- that would be far too informal.

So you might think that it has been rather quiet on the PWD front? Think we’re getting tired? Chum, we’ve not even begun to war-game.¬†Over the last couple of weeks Martin and I have been on holiday:


Yeah- that’s us. Partying hard. It’s now time to get back to business.


My loving other half bought me Angron for my last birthday. He’s been sat on my desk since last October. I feared him. Not literally of course- I didn’t poop my pants seeing a tiny, angry man on my desk. I have never painted a model as nice as Angron, I didn’t want to let him down. ¬†Here we go.


Step 1:

Undercoat black- obvious really.

Step 2:

Basecoat in scorched brown/ Rhinox hide

Step 3:

Ink with black

Step 4:

Light dry brush with Vallejo model colour Laton Brass

angry ron 1

Step 5:

Wash the whole model with a 50/ 50 mix of scorched brown and black

Step 6:

A hard dry brush of Laton Brass

Step 7:

Use Bestial Brown/ Mournfang Brown mixed with water (25% paint 75% water) and give a thin edge highlight on each piece of armour.

Step 8:

Repeat this step using Scorched brown trying not to completely go over the previous step.

Step 9:

Wash the armour with a thinned down black ink.

Step 10:

Give a very light dry brush with Laton Brass on areas that are raised.

This will get you to this stage:

angry ron back angry ron front angry ron side Really angry ron

There is still a lot of work to be done on this model; however, I hope that this walk through will help you if you’re stuck for a starting point like I was. If you want any other details on what I have done so far- please ask in the comments section below.