Age Of Sigmar – A First Look at the Box

Even Wibbles wants in

Even Wibbles wants in

Well Internet, I sold out and bought the boxed set. After my initial Rage of Sigmar (HAHA!) subsided I actually kind of came around.

I got into Warhammer Fantasy around the time 4th ed was shuttering down, and the new 5th Ed starter with Lizard Men & Bretonnians came out, since then I’d dabbled, but it was really with 8th edition that our group really got into it. Myself and the other gamers in the group amassed multiple large armies, and then we started hearing rumours about 9th, and what would become Age of Sigmar… We were dubious…

Then the rules hit. All the dumb rules for the old models, moustaches, yelling for the lady and all that – no thanks.

Clearer heads eventually prevailed, and more reasoned articles got posted online. It was my love for the old Fantasy that was putting me off. If this had been any other game release, if they hadn’t killed Fantasy I’d be all over this… So i’ll give it a try…


Well the measuring sticks are superior at least – pictured for scale… the wimpy old one

The Models

Well… They’re pretty amazing to be fair. Starter set models have never been so good.

The Plan

So with a open mind we’re going to give the game a go this week. Even if it sucks, at least I know I’ve got a set of decent models for the Warhammer Fantasy 8th Campaign we’re starting…