A Tale: The Death Guard


“Vector 709 – Target acquired – Loyalist Spartan Land raider – Spite-Hammer/ Weeping-Lament engage-…. STATIC…. – Target destroyed – Bank to vector 009 – Prepare for combat ”

The ramp of the Storm Eagle slammed into the earth sending up red gobbets of mud. Gyrlorn smirked as the Iron Hands attempted to disengage from the remains of their transport. The down wash from the Storm Eagles above them blocked out the sounds of battle, but they were there. The screech of metal on metal, the crumpled explosions of bolt-rounds, and the hiss of creeping death as chem-munitions drowned the site.

His vox pipped, “Enemy elements moving in from the East, sir.”

Before he could give the command the air support elements were swinging in that direction, hunting for the enemy.

“Move! Move as is Death himself calls your name!” He bellowed into his vox-caster. His brothers responded; forty Astartes of the Death Guard trudged east towards the hated enemy.

“Vector 112 – Target acquired – Loyalist Contemptor pattern dreadnought – Spite-Hammer engaging…”

“He’s ours.”

The sound of the Storm Eagle aborting its attack run rent the sky. Gyrlon drew his sword and thrust it forward;

“Our foe is mighty brothers – but he is afraid. He may be more machine than Astartes; but he knows fear. Death stalks him this day; now brothers – For Mortarion!”

Good afternoon gentlemen; tis I, James. I have no idea what possessed me to agree to sign up to this nonsense. Painting is not my strong point; I have hundreds of unpainted models that speak to this truth. Nevertheless I agreed to join my brothers in producing a fully painted two-thousand point HH list for our planned gaming weekend.

The list:

First off, I’ve not gone for your stereo-typical Death Guard list. I purchased my Death Guard force before ‘The Reaping’ list was released and as a result I have a number of Fast Attack units in my collection and no Devastators. Recently our group has seen a profusion of ordinance weaponry and I decided I wanted a fully mounted a mobile force. So what does my list look like?


  • Legion Centurion – Artificer armour, power wep, combi bolter


  • Tactical squad – 19 Marines, melta bomb
  • Tactical squad – 20 Marines, melta bomb
  • Support Squad – Melta guns, Power wep


  • Contemptor
  • Contemptor

Fast Attack

  • Storm Eagle – Las cannons, Multimelta
  • Storm Eagle – Las cannons, Multimelta

Heavy Support

  • Proteus – Heavy bolter


We’ve done some dry runs with our lists and so far I have been really happy with how the army has been playing. I’ve managed to scrape a narrow win against both Martin’s Iron Hands and Duncan’s World Eaters.

The thing I have been enjoying about this list above all is the fact that it frustrates the crap out of people. Keeping up with what is zooming, jinking and hovering seems to be a pain in the ass for my opponents. The ability to set up with only two dreads and the land raider on the board, also gives me the chance to dictate where I want to fight. I was quite lucky with reserve rolls in both games and the two Storm Eagles managed to arrive; unload their payloads of tactical marines and annihilate any vehicle that dare to stand against the might of the Death Guard. All in all, I am rather pleased with the symmetrical violence that this list is able to commit. Having two Storm Eagles, Two Tac squads and Two Contemptors makes my OCD side do this:

So painting…

Beyond wanting to kick ass and take names; choosing vehicles gives me less models to paint. This is my starting point:

As you can see I have managed to get three colours onto the majority of my Tactical and Support Marines – there is still some highlighting and basing to be done:


deathguard3 deathguard2

My Contemptors are done:


I desperately need to make a start on these bad boys:



Well that’s all there is for now Sons of Barbarus, see you on the flippy floppy.

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